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Space: 1999 (S19) is a science fiction television series originally produced in the Mid-1970s and which is in rotation on the Sci-Fi Channel, the BBC in Britain, Bravo elsewhere in Europe, Nickelodeon in Australia, Canal D in Quebec, and Space: The Imagination Station elsewhere in Canada. It is an interesting and entertaining series which boasts an active fandom since its initial broadcast. Fan fiction, numerous Web pages, an Internet mailing list, fan clubs, fanzines, and other written publications exist, as well as conventions.

(Please excuse the differing format of the pages listed below: some are designed as separate webpages; some are simply links to parts of Thread Pages where I had some longer commentary.)

Premise and Theme Thematic introduction to the series. Written in either 1997 or 1999.
Main Characters/Cast A very brief list of main characters and a couple guest characters.

In-depth analyses of -- and speculation about -- four of the aliens the Alphans met:
  • "Zantor of Kaldor — Involuntary Reductions"
  • "Arra of Astheria — The Great Purpose of Mutation"
  • "Mentor of a Doomed World ... and His Insane Psyche"
  • "The 'Immunity Syndrome' Being — I Am I"
  • A 'Brief' History of Piri?
    My commentary and fictional speculation on the creation of the Guardian of Piri and subsequent disappearance of the Pirians. If you don't care to see lengthy 'historical' speculation on how the Pirians doomed themselves, and prefer the episode pretty much 'as is,' don't follow the link. And don't say I didn't warn you :-). I only intended to write a few comments on this great episode, but ended up going way beyond that.
    Analysis /
    Space: 1999
    My Space: 1999 Knowledgebase page contains, among various other entries, detailed analyses of about half the episodes so far. This KB was started in 2007, and sticks very closely to observed details, however, with only moderate speculation and little opinion. That is, it isn't much in the way of Commentary, but still seems somewhat relevant to list here.
    Episode Capsule Reviews
    Episode by Episode

    Episode by Episode

    Book by Book
    (1970's novels)

    In the ExE metathread chapters, I (David Welle) have analysis of some of the episodes. The ExE is multi-contributor, derived from Online Alpha. This was from 1998, and I did not have the time to participate in each episode's thread, only in about half (listed below). Each link is to the top of its page, not necessarily directly to my post(s).
  • Missing Link
  • The Guardian of Piri
  • Force of Life
  • Alpha Child
  • Voyager's Return
  • Death's Other Dominion
  • The Full Circle
  • The Infernal Machine
  • Mission of the Darians
  • The Metamorph
  • The Taybor
  • The Rules of Luton
  • New Adam New Eve
  • AB Chrysalis
  • Catacombs of the Moon
  • Seed of Destruction
  • The Beta Cloud
  • A Matter of Balance
  • Space Warp
  • Bringers of Wonder (part 1)
  • Bringers of Wonder (part 2)
  • Dorzak
  • The Dorcons
  • Book Review /
    Episode by Episode (ExE) also included a Book by Book (BxB) aspect, regarding four original novels published in the 1970's. As with the main ExE, I did not get to reviewing them all, just these:
  • Android Planet
  • Rogue Planet
  • Phoenix of Megaron
  • Powys Novels
    (2002 on)
    I have been posting reviews to Online Alpha initially, before adapting them (with a few modifications) as webpages. The list below are not all the Powys Media novels for S19, just the ones I've read so far. There is a separate link at left to the whole set of reviews, or direct links are right here:
  • Resurrection
  • The Forsaken
  • Eternity Unbound
  • Survival (read but not yet reviewed)
  • Year Two [Omnibus] (review just started)
  • Shepherd Moon (short story anthology)
  • Born for Adversity
  • Omega
  • Alpha
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