Space: 1999 Metaforms

Character Studies

There were many interesting characters on Space: 1999. The staff of Moonbase Alpha was composed of people from all backgrounds, countries and experience. We came to know these characters better through their continuing story as the Moon wandered through space. However, some of the most complex and fascinating characters were those that we met only briefly, that the Alphans encountered and then left behind in their journey.

Presented here are character studies of four of the aliens the Alphans met. These particular characters were chosen because they are not the typical hostile, arrogant aliens often encountered in sci-fi, but are instead complicated beings with their own interesting stories.

The aliens presented are Captain Zantor from Earthbound, Arra from Collision Course, Mentor from The Metamorph and the being from The Immunity Syndrome.

Zantor    Arra    Mentor    Being

Character studies by David Welle, copyright 1997-2007.
Introductory text and 'metallic' titles and 'digital' names by Marcy Kulic,
who also provided the vidcaps, and who initiated and organized this idea.
Originally presented in the Space: 1999 Cyber Exposition II, at SciFi.con 2.0 (, in 1997.
Space: 1999 is copyright Granada/Carlton/ITC, see here for other details.