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changed somewhat in Sep 2010)

Amount of Detail
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Lots of detail, but sticks to the episodes,
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Single Large Page
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prior + conventions, websites, fan fora/clubs,
discussion threads, fan fiction (basics only,
no spoilers), and various other fan works
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Mobile Small Pages

  • "Single Large Page" format has all entries for that version on a single page. Meant to be a highly intra-linked page and allow for a single download of the complete KB for that version. This is a large download but once downloaded, can be browsed via its internal links, and saved as a whole.
  • "Many Small Pages" have navigation bars at the top of each page that are meant for full-size screen displays, and are not the most mobile friendly.
  • "Mobile Small Pages" have much smaller navigation bars at the top of each page, and there are intermediate table of contents pages that also help small-screen navigation.
  • "Many Small Pages" or "Mobile Small Pages" versions may have images. More will be added over time. Some images may link to larger versions or additional images.
  • The Space: 1999 Knowledgebase (KB) is comprised of numerous entries about any S19-related subject the Editor/Author has chosen to add. It is intended as a sort of combination dictionary / encyclopedia / notes / reference page of just about anything related to the series, to varying levels of detail. The KB has an immense quantity of internal (intra-KB) linking, and some entries have links to pages outside of the KB, either to other pages within Metaforms, or outside of Metaforms altogether.
  • This is a work in progress, as the Editor makes observations from the episodes and finds or is given other information of note. Thus, many entries may have incomplete lists, so please keep that in mind. It will probably in progress for some time, and at this point, is relatively small and very incomplete at this time, but will hopefully prove interesting or useful to others nonetheless.
  • Though very detailed and increasingly so over time, this KB is not intended as a nitpicker's guide. A few oddities or contradictions will be pointed out from time to time. However, the Editor is also a fan fiction author, one who prefers to smooth over the rough edges or find simple "bridging" explanations, and will actually do so here from time to time, usually in places marked Speculation, "presumably," or with other qualifiers -- though sometimes without qualification on occasion where there seems to be a simple explanation.


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This not-for-profit amateur/fan publication is designed for entertainment purposes only, and is not intended to infringe upon the rights of Gerry Anderson, Granada Ventures, or any other copyright holders of Space: 1999. Except where other sources are noted, and except for quotations excerpted from the series itself, the specific original text in this section is copyright ©2008-2010, David Welle.

The Editor is also a fan fiction author, and a fan of having verbose yet very compact forms of reference of his own making very handy, and created this knowledgebase format some years ago for non-S19 purposes, eventually various ones. Yet the KB form has an indirect origin with Thread Pages, which I have been creating in various places, but which I first developed for S19 email. Thus, besides just wanting (and for story writing, needing) this handy form of reference, I sort of feel it is poetically appropriate there is now a KB for S19. :) Okay, end of rather pointless story. Just a couple of stats to finish.
The S19 KB was started in August 2007, first officially released on 2008/02/03, and will be subject to relatively frequent expansions for the foreseeable future. On 2008/10/22, the Multi/Single Hybrid added.