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(Major/moderate additions and updates)

DateSectionAddition and/or Update
2022/10/26 (general) (Back to some activity; may start updating some things over coming months.)
2014/05/25 (general) First release of "The IDCP"
2013/04/25 (general) This site moved from to
2012/09/06 Fanfic First release of "Bridge One"
2012/03/17 Fanfic First release of "Time We Had a New..."
2011/01/11 Fanfic Moderate improvements to "A Space Odyssey: 1999" -- plus an ePub version.
Posted revised "Echoes" (cover now pre-embeded).
2010/10/27 Fanfic Added first ePub here (for MGK's "Echoes").
2010/09/18 (general) Started some mobile-friendly (small device) versions of some pages.
2010/08/05 Fanfic "Echoes" (by Meredith Kausch) added.
2010/07/04 Fanfic Released Part One of Bridge Four.
2010/06/30 Fanfic Updated The Transfer fan fiction.
2010/04/12 Misc Added many more songs named or referring to Space: 1999.
2010/04/08 Comment Started review of Powys Media's Year Two Omnibus.
2010/03/01 Fanfic Released "Whose Orders?"
2009/12/27 Comment Added separate Review of Powys Novels page, with version of Apr'08 review posted to Online Alpha.
2009/10/24 KB Added new multi-page/hybrid formats of the Knowledgebase.
2009/06/23 Fanfic Fourth/final part of Bridge Two posted.
2009/06/22 Cons Repaired and partially updated the Conventions page.
2009/04/25 Fanfic Added Bridge Two (first part only).
2008/02/03 KB Officially opened Knowledgebase section. (Started long before but only recently posted; much work remains.)
ExE Completed repairs of the ExE section.
2007/10/19 Fanfic Released "The Eagle" short story.
2007/09/20 ExE Finished repairing/improving the last of the ExE threads regarding episodes. Still threading Afterword pages.
2007/09/10 ExE ExE repairs and format improvements now 3/4 complete.
2007/08/24 ExE, TP Completed repairs and format improvements to Part One of ExE, and started the same for Part Two. Began repairs/additions to Thread Pages, but it will probably be a at least a month before the section partially reopens.
2007/08/18 Various ExE almost half restored. Further improvements (not repair) in Snapshots. Slight updates to Fan Fiction. Conventions section disabled for later repairs and updates.
2007/08/17 general Additional link and section repair work. More to come.
2007/08/13 Fanfic Added Ken Scott's art to "Simpsons: 1999" story.
2007/08/12 ExE Begin repairs and format improvements to ExE.
various Small start to other badly-needed repairs and revisions elsewhere in this site.
2007/08/11 Fanfic More revisions to Fan Fiction page, and addition there of "Simpsons: 1999", (comedic cross-over short story).
2007/08/10 Fanfic Restored broken links for The Law of Indirection and The Transfer novels, apparently missing for some time (sorry). (Much more is broken or missing and in need of repair and update.)
2001/07/26 general New base for
2000/09/04 various Added low-graphics front page. Updated conventions page.
1999/09/13 general BREAKAWAY! (Final day of Breakaway: The Convention. A wonderful four days!)
1999/09/09 various Reopened Thread Pages and ExE Archive. The latter has expanded to cover half of the second season.
1999/08/19 general MetaForms reopens on new Space: 1999 Net, organized by Marcy Kulic hosted at Cox Communications.
1998/09/08 general Moved MetaForms to another domain! Well, most sections anyway.
1998/08/05 Threads Extensive redesign of Thread Pages. Now includes multiple styles.
1998/08/02 Added this page, combination of website history and a What's New list.
1998/07/20 Cons

Added extensive lists of past conventions, thanks to information provided by Martin Willey.

1998/03/11 ExE Began the Episode by Episode archive section.
1997/12/08 (Cron) Added a few snapshots of John and Maya from 'Rules of Luton' to Kevin McCorry's Chronology.
(Note: Kevin, at some later point, decided to move the growing Chronology to a website he was setting up. Its most current known location, as of 08/24/07, is:
1997/11/24 (Cron) Comparative diagrams of main internal layouts of several ships added to Kevin McCorry's Chronology.
1997/10/25 general Added AlphaLinks table. (Update: Removed some years later after joining and finding other S19 websites had much more extensive and up-to-date link lists.)
1997/10/18 general Added links to upcoming scifi.con 2.0 at The Dominion (Sci-Fi Channel), where four of my character studies and The Transfer (fan fiction) will be posted as part of the Space: 1999 Cyber Exposition Marcy is putting together.
1997/07/23 Misc Added the 'Honors or Knockoffs?' page.
1997/07/17 (Cron) Began posting Kevin McCorry's 'Space: 1999 Chronology'
1997/06/30 Fanfic Added 'A Space Odyssey: 1999' (a Space: 1999 / 2001: A Space Odyssey crossover).
1997/05/15 Fanfic Uploaded my first fan fiction, The Law of Indirection, originally published offline.
1997/04/03 Cons Added 'Conventions' page.
1997/03/16 Threads Thread Pages count now up to 100.
1997/03/01 Misc Added 'Miscellaneous' section.
1997/02/20 (Became co-administrator of new mailing list at
1997/01/13 general Renamed my site MetaForms, Ltd., added some new graphics, and broke up the burgeoning main page into multiple pages, with a newer, simplified main page.
1996/12/28 general Became part of the Ring Around the Moon (WebRing).
1996/12/10 threads Began posting Thread Pages.
1996/09/17 Comment Added a commentary page entitled: A 'Brief' History of Piri?
1996/01/07 general Created my first webpage. Called 'Some Space: 1999 Information', it had a brief series description, info on my fan fiction (which wasn't yet online), a few links (there were only 5(!) FTP & WWW sites about S19 at the time).
1995/10/16 (Joined mailing list at