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Space: 1999 References in Song

Warning: The Editor is no music classifier at all, so when a sentence starts "It sounds like" and ends with question "?" mark, please treat it with a boulder of salt (i.e. it's just a best guess).

Covers of Theme Songs

Most of the songs listed are Cover songs, meaning they are not direct replayings of the songs by other artists, but interpretations thereof. All vary from the originals, sometimes widely.

Other songs are not covers, but refer to the series in some way, whether by title or other references within the lyrics.

Song Title Album Name Artist Year Len Comments
Theme Song Covers
Space: 1999 I Want to
Tell You
2001 2:17 A take-off on the Y1 main theme, noticed on iTunes Store, which classifies its Genre as Pop. It sounds like a mix of salsa and jazzy/spacy electronic?
Space: 1999 Oblivion Days Rocket
1999? 4:38 Another take-off on the Y1 main theme, noticed on iTunes Store, which classifies its Genre as Rock. It sounds like a mix of light(?) metal and spacey electronic, but closer to the original theme than the first cover (prior row), albeit much heavier. Curiously, with ~30 seconds to go, it repeats the first 30 seconds. Note: another, earlier (1993) album of this band was called Earthbound (according to Wikipedia).
Space: 1999 Stars
Eric Norlander 2004? 4:56 Essentially the same song as the prior, but this one is a slightly longer version from a few years later, and apparent recorded live, given two brief periods of clapping. It also has the repeated start. A little research (Wikipedia) shows Norlander is part of Rocket Scientists.
Space 1999 TV Series
Vol. 2
Generation TV 2008? 1:14 A cover of the Y1 theme song. A closer interpretation of the material at the start, but goes a somewhat different course partway through (still completely recognizable and pretty good, though).
Space: 1999 Greatest Science
Fiction Hits,
Vol. 1
Neil Norman ???? 2:02 More laid-back version of the Y1 theme, lacking some of the intensity but still very interesting, with more of a 1980's dance theme and background points to it.
Space: 1999, Year II Greatest Science
Fiction Hits,
Vol. 3
1984? 1:34 Cover of the Y2 theme. Found on iTunes Store. Fairly true to the original theme.
Space 1999 Cult Themes
from the 70s,
Vol. 2
of Om
???? 3:57 Cover of Y1 theme, but very interpretive and drawn out, eventually seeming to drift away from the theme. It sounds more like a dance song, perhaps. The main part of the song is preceded by some talk about how space is infinite; though it is not a quote from the series. However, there are a several quotes from the series (spoken by the group, not the actors). The very end sounds like a lead up to a commercial (a.k.a. commercial sting) that sounds to me more like one from Y2 than Y1.
Space: 1999 100 Greatest
TV Themes
???? 2002? 3:09 Found at iTunes Store.
Space 1999 The Berlin
A Guy
2006 1:14 Techno/Dance? This does sound like an electronic riff off some sound elements of S19, though I'm at a loss to as to what part of S19 it is. Though I cannot discern S19 elements in the cover images, they almost look like circuit diagrams until one looks closer and sees what appear to be bits of music technology and other images. There is an astronaut outlined on the back cover image, but more in the NASA EVA mode than S19 spacesuit mode.
Other References
Space 1999 Last Stop 'Til
Ninth Street (?)
The Draghounds ???? 3:15 It sounds like a grunge or garage song? References (and shouts) the title, and references both Martin Landau and Barbara Bain, but otherwise little about the series. Follow the link for more information.
Space 1999 Space: 1999 Lagartija Nick 1999 ?:?? Spanish or Spanish-language band. Listing found on Amazon. An Eagle is pictured on the cover. The Editor has not heard the song and has no further information, or whether the song is a cover is simply referential.
---- Chicago: 1999 -
Future House
Society, Vol. 2
(Various Artists) 1999 - Electronic/Dance (House?). It is not any of the song titles that catch interest, but rather the cover image itself, with the "Chicago: 1999" main title that has the colon character, a font that shrinks left-to-right, and... two well-rendered Hawks on the cover! Apple iTunes website has a page showing the cover, song list, etc.
Santos 2007 6:30 The phrase spoken by Main Computer in S19 is here both the title and obviously a direct sound sample, one of several. I cannot discern the reason for these particular samples, in what is otherwise an electronic(?) song with a rather catchy beat, IMO.
---- S.P.O.C.K: 1999 S.P.O.C.K 1999 - Album of dance/electronic (?) music with vocals. The songs have science fiction themes and titles; but in this case, it is the album title and its cover that show S19 influence. Though different and simpler, the overall layout appears to be in homage, with a very recognizable pattern of grey Moon, a circles/radials-patterned moonbase, a blue planet in the background to the upper right, with the album title in shrinking white characters across the top. Does not appear any of the songs are S19-themed, based on the titles anyway. Note: while not S19-related, "Dr McCoy" is a rather amusingly-constructed song.

Quotes from the Series in the "Space 1999" song by Ambassadors of Om

These are spoken by the group, not the actors, though the character name will be stated for clarity.

  • Jarak: "We shall simply take over your bodies and make them our own."
    (from "Alpha Child")
  • Alan: "Select on-board ranging, but with manual override."
    ????: "Manual override? They're moving very fast."
    Alan: "I said manual override!" ("manual override" is repeated twice more in the song)
    (from "Alpha Child")
  • Alan: "Kano, you cannot have got this thing more an about face."
    Kano: "But Computer does not make that kind of mistake."
    (from "Guardian of Piri")
  • Jarak: "The designated will die."
    (from "Alpha Child")
There is some other lyrics, but too indistinct for me to pick up whether they are based on lines from the series.

Samples from the Series in the "Human Decision Required" song by Santos

The first three are from "Breakaway" (pilot episode). I don't know from where the remainder are. All are repeated at times through the song, especially the first one. The only voices in the song are the known/apparent samples.

There are perhaps other samples. This possibly includes a sort of warbling(?) sound repeated every few seconds through most of the song?


These are merely interesting song titles which probably have nothing to do with S19,
but which are evocative of terminology used in S19, even if only partially and unintentionally.

  • "Metamorphic Space Lama" on No Programma 1999-2000, by Duozero.
  • "Black Hole Sun" on Superunknown (?), by Soundgarden (?).
  • "Metamorph" on Metamorph - EP, by MB. Dance song?
  • "Metamorph" on Metamorph EP, by Jak Jaxon. Dance song? Frog on the cover.
  • A group named Harry Vander & Space 1999? At least that is what Amazon
    lists as the album artist for The Best Of Electronic Film Music.
  • Album named 1999 Space Club by Arling & Cameron? Released in 1999?
    Editor has no further information on this group or the album (single?).

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