'Space 1999' Rocks

Back in the 1990's, a friend informed me she had borrowed a cassette of a band that sings a song called 'Space 1999', and of course I had to hear it! Sung by a band called The Draghounds, who are local to the Minneapolis-St. Paul ('Twin Cities') area of Minnesota (U.S.A.), the song is some sort of grunge/garage/? type of song (I'm not a music expert), and was claimed to be one of the band's most popular songs. Much of the song is hard to make out clearly, and the S19 references were little more than a tease than anything (see the lyrics listed further below); but it was still a hoot to hear 'Space Nineteen Ninety Nine' shouted out several times (it was the song's refrain).

Song Lyrics

Someone requested lyrics; while for the most part, grunge isn't my type of music (someone just happened to bring the song to my attention), and it didn't come with a lyric page, I'll take a try at it anyway.

'Space 1999'
(The Draghounds)
[attempted transcription]

I had a nightmare in 1970
Martin Landau and zombies chasing me
I was younger and so was the tele-vee

Walking up to the back of the century
politicians on television (?) trickery
all want a piece of the big [unintelligible]

We've got the future dreams again and
if you believe the sign
no change in the state of complainin'
so you pull, pull, pull the blind

Space... Nineteen Ninety Nine!
Space... Nineteen Ninety Nine!

though the streets are f---ed up far (?)
by (?) the muscles of the bad, bad motor car
nobody tell me anywhere I go

Sometimes I look around and I feel
I can't tell what's a statue and what's for real
Sidewalks crackin' underneath my heel.

Somebody said there was a bad moon rising
it's as full as a jail
no shame (change?) in the (?) state of complaining
so you cut it out of [unintelligible, maybe 'harmony']

Space... Nineteen Ninety Nine!
Space... Nineteen Ninety Nine!



[jams on guitar for awhile]

Space... Nineteen... Ninety Nine [words stretched out]

[at same time as this last line, someone's shouting in background: 'Martin Landau and Barbara Bain [unintelligible] 1999']

The song was roughly 3:15 in length, and though I did not get down the album name at the time, I later looked for information about the song and found it is apparently part of the following album (I have found inconsistent capitalization information however):
Last Stop 'Til Ninth Street

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