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Fan Fiction


The following are lists and details of fan fiction here, available (or planned) at this site.
There are several categories and a named series -- Bridges and Anchorages (B&A).
A few stories may appear in more than one category. Page last updated A-03/17/12.

I hope you find an interesting variety of stories and one or more you enjoy!

There is also a list of other S19 fanfic sites near the bottom of the page,
through which you can find many times more stories!

Most Recent...

... first releases and updates, from any named story series or category.
Generally, most recent are at the top of list, regardless of other orders.

Title AuthSeries or
Length LinksRelease
or Update
The IDCP DW B&A (Y1)short storyInfoReadMay 2014 release
Bridge One DW B&A (Y1)novella InfoReadSep. 2012 release
Time We Had a New... DW B&A (Y1)novella InfoReadMar 2012 release
A Space Odyssey: 1999 DW Crossover short storyInfoReadJan. 2011 update
Echoes MGK B&A (Y3)short storyInfoReadJan. 2011 update*

"Echoes" updates include new ePub with cover image
directly included in the .ePub file, rather than separate files,
and image changes in the HTML version. Story text unchanged.

Bridges and Anchorages

A series of fan fiction. Each story can be read stand-alone,
but are part of a framework first developed around 1993-95.
This framework assumes much of canon "as is," then proceeds to,
in Y1 and Y2 timeframes, build new stories, more characterization
and characters, "in between" the existing stories. Once beyond Y2,
into a sort of "Y3" timeframe, it continues building on themes
established in the series and this fan fiction framework,
adding new stories and characterization as it goes.

This series has now become multi-author!
"Echoes" is written by Meredith Kausch.

Title AuthTimeframe Length LinksRel.
Eagle Aerie Alpha DW after "Earthbound" novella Infoplan: 2014
The IDCP DW March 2000 (mostly) short storyInfoRead2014
Time We Had a New... DW after "Space Brain" novella InfoRead2012
Bridge One DW Arkadia-Psychon novella InfoRead2012
Bridge Two DW 0343-0403 D.A.B. novel ** InfoRead2009
Whose Orders? DW 0414-0425 D.A.B. novella InfoRead2010
Dance of the Flammon DW 0440-0453 D.A.B. novella InfoRead2010
Music to the Ears DW before JTW short storyInfoplan: 2014
The Law of IndirectionDW 1040-1044 D.A.B. novel InfoRead1995
(A) Little Hope Lost? DW 1644-16?? D.A.B. short storyInfoplan: 2013
The Eagle DW 1770-1772 D.A.B. short storyInfoRead2007
The Transfer DW 2510-2534α DAB novel InfoRead1997*
Bridge Four (part 1) DW 2540-2550α so far novel part InfoRead2010
Echoes MGK August 5, 2006 short storyInfoRead2010
Bridge Four (part 2) DW 2550-2???α novel part Infoplan: 2013Q3
On a Clear Day MGK 2518 D.A.B. Ψ short story Infoplan: 2013Q3
Triskadecahedron DW 13.00 Y.A.B. α short storyInfoRel.: 2012/09

The above only includes mainly stories which have been released,
but does also include the next few planned for release.
More planned stories listed on the B&A page.

* The Transfer was first released in 1997,
but has been revised, here at Metaforms, in 2010.
Read TT's cover page for some details on the updates.

** Bridge Two is lengthy, and has both an Abridged and
the original (Unabridged) version. Both are long
novels, but the former is reduced by 38%.

Speculative Backstories

These are fan fiction which look at canon characters
or planets and speculate on their possible history.
All are written as stories or set of stories.

Title Who / What Length Links Rel.
A 'Brief' History of Piri planet Piri short story Info Read 1996
Character Studies Zantor, Arra, Mentor, "I Am I" short stories Info / Read 1997

Crossover Stories

These are fan fiction stories which take certain
elements of canon episodes and characterization,
and meld them together with completely different
sources where the author can find curious points
of similarity, as well as "construct" some other
points of "similarity" to further meld them.

Title S19 Crossed With... Length Links Rel.
A Space Odyssey: 1999 "2001: A Space Odyssey" short story Info Read 1997, 2011
Simpsons: 1999 The Simpsons (TV series) short story Info Read 2007
Space: CXCIX History + What If? novella? Info plan: 2012Q3

These may be more serious or more comedic intent
(what S19 is crossed with should make it clear).

Lighter Stuff

Comedic stories or jokes. All are intended as
light-hearteded send-ups or interpretations of
aspects of the author's favorite series. Have fun!

Title What is it? Length LinksRel.
Matter of Light(bulb) and DarkAlphan take on an old joke short InfoRead1998*
Simpsons: 1999 Crossover storyshort storyInfoRead2007

*First version was "released" via an email group,
in ~1998 or so, as part of a multi-author thread.
The author has separated his response, updated
a lot of it, expanded it to include more and some
improved jokes, and released version 2 in 2008.

I also have all sorts of COMMENTARY on another page

Details of Fan Fiction Now Available

(listed here in order of first official release)

The Law of Indirection

When an accident kills a group of aliens, the Alphans are blamed and Maya is kidnapped through a transport process that is harrowing to the metamorph. Her abilities prove to be of little use as she struggles to escape the clutches of vengeful aliens who have an unusual conception of justice. She uses every means at her disposal, but the aliens seem able to counter her every clever move; and she finds herself in progressively worse situations. The Alphans are left attempting to determine the cause of Maya's disappearance and to judge the motives of mysterious and uncommunicative aliens whose ships cannot be found and whose worlds remain far beyond Eagle range.

This story reveals more about Maya's personality, her abilities, and their limitations--as well as showing aspects of other characters, including a view of a changing Alpha through a Year One guest character's eyes. It shows an alien culture with interesting technologies that seem to foil Maya and leave the other Alphans grasping for explanations. It also details some aspects of the Moon's own strange form of travel.

[Year Two fan fiction published in 1995. Currently available online.]

"A 'Brief' History of Piri"

A speculative short story on the possible background and history of the world called Piri, including the creation of the Guardian of Piri and subsequent disappearance of the Pirians themselves, leaving behind only the Guardian and its mechanical servant.

[Year One speculative fiction. First published in July 1996. Currently available online.]

"A Space Odyssey: 1999"

I first published this short story on the Space: 1999 Internet Mailing List on 1997/06/06, and very slightly revised it in 1999 and 2008, and more significantly updated it in 2011. It melds some of Space: 1999's "Breakaway" episode and parts of the "2001: A Space Odyssey" movie together, finding some existing similarities (at some level), and creating others of my own to put them together.

[Year One crossover fan fiction short story.
Currently available online in ePub or HTML
formats. First published in June 1997.]

The Transfer

Combined Y1/Y2 cast story.

Months after the Dorcon attack, the Moon encounters a star system. While mining a mineral-rich planet, a second 'copy' of Victor mysteriously appears. Is he from a different time or reality? An alien from the supposedly dead planet? Or is he an elaborate deception--a distraction from an even worse problem? When the real Victor disappears, leaving only the duplicate, order starts to disintegrate, and the Alphans find things changing around them, for the worst.

John, Helena, Maya, Alan, Tony, and Sandra are all flung into strange forms of Alpha, including: a pre-Breakaway Alpha whose calendar of fate has been altered; a moonbase filled with nothing but copies of one individual, confronted with a ship of aliens who are both familiar and unfamiliar; and a moonbase of the not-so-far-future hauntingly dubbed Omega, for it appears to be a dying place on the edge of oblivion. Some individuals attempt to evade detection as they try to determine whether they are in another time, another reality, or just an elaborate deception. Others are immediately trapped by doppelgängers of unknown intent. Can these scattered individuals discover the secrets of their new environments? Can they help Alpha avoid several tragic fates? Or will their own interference cost them their freedom--or their lives?

["Year Three" (in this case, combination of Y1+Y2 characters) novel, 440K of HTML text + 110K of images, Currently available online, in several parts. First published in 1997, updated June 2010.]

"Simpsons: 1999"

Inspired by Ken Scott's art -- uploaded to OA's website in July 2007 -- of three Alphans (Helena Russell, John Koenig, and Maya) as Simpsons characters, I had an amusing thought I later decided to run with for a few hours, and ended up writing a short story which is half familiar, half off the wall -- all only for the fun of it.

This is probably the silliest thing I've written in ages, and it likely could be considered a parody of some sort; but rather than focusing on some of my least-favorite S19 episodes or aspects, or something like that, I took some of my most favorite material of S19 and mixed in an equal helping of The Simpsons. The results may be worth a chuckle or two.

[Year One/Two + The Simpsons crossover fiction published in August 2007.
Currently available online. Artwork courtesy of Ken Scott.]

"The Eagle"

An unexpected Eagle mission leads to a surprise situation.

[Year Two fan fiction short story first released on Oct. 19, 2007. Currently available online. 30KB story]

Bridge Two
Troubled Waters

This story spans the two-month gap between "The Metamorph" (day 342+) and "The Exiles" (day 403). As the recovery from yet another attack begins, and transitions already underway continue, the people of Moonbase Alpha have to make an unexpected welcome to Maya, Daughter of Mentor.

The Alphans have just survived a brutal and deadly attack from her father, and Maya herself has strange and possibly dangerous powers of body and mind. While striken with grief and confusion about the death of her father and her world, she has to deal with a present filled with aliens who are a bewildering mixture of caring, fear, gratitude, anger, and resentment. Some are welcoming; others want nothing to do with her. One security officer is unsure of her, and another man has to wrestle more losses than most, perhaps finding a too-handy target in the alien's daughter.

Alphans have been hit with harsh losses and lessons from their first year among the stars, triggering various ongoing transitions, changes, and plans in response. It is into this already-shifting milieu that Maya lands, while a new threat emerges. The destruction of Psychon has altered the course of Alpha in several ways, one of which brings them towards to an ancient world and a looming danger they think is like one they once survived -- one Maya has difficulty convincing them is potentially fatal this time, setting the unsure alien at odds with some people, and propelling her into a role she had not expected.

To the city under glass,
two halves as whole,
a bridge of power,
long untraveled,
seekers flock,
to flee fury,
find new

[Year Two fan fiction novel, released online (first part on 2009/04/25, and final part on 2009/06/23). Long novel. A somewhat (38%) shorter Abridged version was added on 2009/07/03, but it is still a long novel.]

"Whose Orders?"

About a week after the end of the Exiles incident, and while traveling through a seemingly empty star system, Moonbase Alpha suffers a minor but inexplicable decompression event which damages the Protein Production Unit. Repairs are just beginning when they start detecting potential anomalies at moderate distance from the Moon. They dispatch an Eagle to investigate, only for those anomalies to disappear and new ones appear. This causes confusion and consternation as a seeming wild ghost chase begins in the space around the Moon. This leads to a confrontation between the newest officer and a pilot, and both some growth and setback for the former.

Resource reminders recur for the Alphans, prompting some rationing, and serious consideration of some strange avian stowaways from a prior mission as one potential future way of solving part of that problem. Meanwhile, a new worry appears, one that has snuck up on them and may create fresh problems.

[Y2 fan fiction novella released 2010/03/01. Currently available online.]

"Dance of the Flammon"

Just what happened on the planet Crom II, mentioned so briefly later in the year? What about a science officer still relatively new on the job, being challenged on the science board of which she is the chairperson, when an experiment to try expanding food production has two possible paths? What happens when a rather typical social activity finally returns to Alpha for the first time since Breakaway? Does it bring some people closer together or reveal hidden fault lines?

[Y2 fan fiction novella released 2010/04/04. Currently available online.]

Bridge Four
The Prism

(Part 1 of 4 is
now available!)

Sequel to The Transfer (1997, revised 2010).

Though this novel was not to be released for some time, Part 1 was completed well ahead of expectations. Due to this and other reasons, this four-part novel will be released part by part. However, the spacing between each part's release will be several months each. Whether you wish to wait awhile for all parts to be released, or to read them as they are released, is up to each reader.

(What follows is a brief description of the whole novel, not just the first part. )

The Alphans continue to realize there is far more to recent events than they had known. One Alphan, caught in arguably the strangest phenomenon earlier, now finds herself caught in a new effect while remaining firmly in place, even while she struggles with another difficult dilemma. One Alphan starts to remember bits of his journey of millennia. Another Alphan realizes she has journeyed to a most unexpected place. A long-running plan begins taking shape in pieces.

Various alternate realities struggle.... One set of Alphans have found their Haven but struggle with new shocks and a new dawn -- but not necessarily the one they were expecting.... Another set, having done their best to try averting disaster, are caught by another surprise.... A most unexpected commander is left to deal with some fallout from two unusual collisions.... A commander of nothing who retired from space exploration in frustration, discovers someone unexpected, and that something should be missing....

There are more, all unaware that something else is awakening too....

[Space: 1999 fan fiction. Part 1 released on 2010/07/04. Remainder under development.]


by Meredith Kausch

Teacher, healer, mother, officer, pilot, leader.
How many possibilities can one person encompass?
Alpha, Psychon, Terra Alpha, Earth.
Can too many possibilities mean the loss of uniqueness?
Alpha, delta, zeta, nu, omicron.
The confluence of multiple realities brings the risk of insanity.                                    
And the promise of hope.


[Space: 1999 fan fiction short story (and introductory poem above) by Meredith Kausch.
Released 2010/08/05. Currently available online (ePub or HTML).]

"Time We Had a New..."

After the encounter with the Space Brain, haunting words emerge from unexpected quarters. John Koenig starts asking himself some questions, while Paul Morrow separately starts seeing a new need. Trauma creates change, whether it was 13 years before on Earth, or in the wake of events that have happened on or since 13 September 1999. It is, however, a human response on what courses to take.

[Year One timeframe novella, released 2012/03/17. Currently available online.]

Bridge One
The Ship

A story set between "The Testament of Arkadia" and "The Metamorph." Even as massive changes set in on Alpha, even more changes beset its people, when aliens appear and make a vague but insistent demand, one the Alphans do not know how or if to fulfill. Several Alphans pay the price over a conflict that is murky but intense.

[Year One fan fiction novella released 2012/09/06. Currently available online.]


This Year Three timeframe short story, written by DW, is set on 2012/09/13, thirteen years to the day after Breakaway broke the Moon from Earth orbit. Now, the Moon is in a completely different galaxy, where the day seems to start simply, unfold, and spiral outward, with Victor at the center of it.

This story was published in a fanzine called Moonscapes, a multi-author fan fiction collection, edited by Anthony Wynn. Authors of other stories are Meredith Kausch (MGK), Ellen Lindow, and Michael Lindow, Robert E. Wood, Terry S. Bowers, Rebecca Eisenhuth, and Charlene Scott. This fanzine was released at the Alpha: 2012 convention in mid-September 2012.


"The IDCP"

Kelly and Melita have little downtime between some training exercises and crises, but in a few spare moments, enjoy an increasingly-uncommon treat that reminds them of Earth. Then a mystery emerges, one that at first scares the Alphans, but then confuses and intrigues all of them. This Y1-timeframe story is a mix of whimsical and bittersweet, ranging from humorous to serious.

[new Year One fan fiction short story released 2014/05/25. Available online.]

Upcoming Fan Fiction

(in currently-planned release order)

"(A) Little Hope Lost?"

[Year Two fan fiction planned for future release. Summary to be posted soon. First draft already in progress.]

"Space: CXCIX"

What if a sea-going vessel which sunk in the Mediterranian Sea over 2000 years ago had instead survived to deliver its cargo, including one rather curious real-life object of the time, late during the Roman Republic?

This story follows an increasingly divergent history, filled with people/characters both familiar and not so familiar, as humanity strives for space.

[History + WhatIf + Y1/Y2 crossover fan fiction short story planned for future release. Status (current as of M-04/13/09): First draft started.]

"Eagle Aerie Alpha"

A couple months into the wayward Earth colony's travels, several key numerical trends -- some not unexpected and some a total shock -- both delight and trouble the Alphans, prompting some study and changes, not all of which are welcome.

[Year One novella planned for future release.]

"Damage Assessment"

Starting immediately after "Breakaway" -- the Alphans begin to pick up the pieces and determine further details of the damage they took and what they are facing.

[Year One short story planned for future release.]

"Music to the Ears"

Summary to follow at a later point.

[Year Two short story planned for future release. First draft in progress.]

Bridge Three
Muffled Space

[Space: 1999 fan fiction planned for future release. Former working title: The Muffled Zone.]

The Frontier

(Working title only, based on its location within the Bridges and Anchorages series)

Follows Bridge Four. Summary to follow at a later point.

[Space: 1999 fan fiction planned for future release.]

Of Mutation and Metamorphosis

Summary to follow at a later point.

[Space: 1999 story planned for future release.]

"Estimates Only"

Note: All "proposed" and "planned" dates are revised estimates as of A-03/17/12, nothing more. They are not guaranteed release dates. Sorry. Summaries are subject to change as well.

Other Fan Fiction Sites

  • The Space: 1999 Fiction Archive (managed by Ariana) is probably the largest listing of available online fan fiction, some archived at the site and some from all over the Web. Contains a wide variety of listings from numerous authors, arranged in various categories. (Note: Most of my currently-available stories are listed there as well.)
  • Ellen's Space: 1999 Fan Fiction Pages, including a variety of authors and a lot of stories as well. Many but not all of these stories have a primary focus on John and Helena, but there are various others as well.
  • Space 1999 FanFiction Archive, located at FanFiction.net
  • Camilla's website has at least sixteen Stories (in German) by her and other authors. At least two of Camilla's stories are translated and linked from an English-language page (which has more than just fanfic).

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