The Transfer, by David Welle

SPACE: 1999

This copy of The Transfer has been revised and
officially re-released in 2010. Most revisions are minor
spelling and grammar corrections, but one is to a calendar
date translated from a Days After Breakaway, where the DAB
figure was correct but the calendar translation was incorrect.
This is the most important correction given two subsequent
stories refer to the correct date. Other than all of this,
there have been some slight formatting changes,
a few minor dialogue improvements, and
some other corrections as well.

The earlier copy of this novel, at the Cyber Museum section of the Catacombs,
will remain as it was in 1997, as it was part of an "online convention"
organized at the time, where this novel was initially released.

Please note that this is what could be called a "Year Three" S19 story, which
combines elements and characters of Year One and Two of the series as televised.
In this case, I will not explain how that is possible. That is a whole other story --
actually, parts of a couple stories, which are planned or even started by now.

This novel is part of the
Bridges and Anchorages
series of fan fiction stories.

A zipfile is available, containing all the webpages and images comprising The Transfer.

The Transfer, story and artwork, copyright
©1997-2010 by David M. Welle (Space: 1999 Metaforms)
May not be reproduced or published without consent of author/artist.

This not-for-profit amateur publication is designed for entertainment purposes only,
and is not intended to infringe upon the rights of ITC, ATV, Gerry Anderson,
Polygram, ITV, or any other current copyright holders of Space: 1999.

Any and all comments -- positive and/or negative --
on any aspect of this story are very welcome.

Many thanks to Terry Bowers for her help,
George Eichler for his very helpful advice, and
Steve Young of Alpha Technical Data Center for
his technical diagrams which suggested new ideas.

Additional thanks to Marcy Kulic for creating the 'metallic' title, name, and part images for
The Dominion's scifi.con 2.0 in 1997, and especially for her tireless work organizing the
whole Space: 1999 Cyber Exposition II, at which this novel was first introduced.

The Transfer
By David Welle

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