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This information is put up to inform you of the existence of upcoming Space: 1999-related conventions, and, where available, point you at better sources of online information. I am not actually producing any of the cons listed, and all information is provided or posted by other people and is subject to change.

In addition, I have listed information about past cons, for those of you who may find something to reminisce! If you have further information about any Space: 1999 convention, past or future, please email me.

The Knowledgebase here at Metaforms also has convention listings, with several different views (e.g. by year, by guest, by country in a more compact format, by country and state/province/location, etc.)

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[Past Conventions]

Some information on past conventions, including guests.

United States

The first instance of a guest's name will have best-known role (S19 or non-S19 as applies) or other pertinent information listed in parentheses immediately after their name.

TitleHotel / Location
Guest(s) of Honor
SpaceCon ISheraton Hotel
Columbus, Ohio
July 28-30, 1978
Martin Landau (John Koenig),
Gerry Anderson (executive producer),
Nick Tate (Alan Carter),
Clifton Jones (David Kano),
Barry Gray (original music),
Dave Prowse (Maya creatures, Darth Vader)
Apparently the first Space: 1999 convention in the world. Convention report by Mona Delitsky (apparently the con initiator and one of its organizers), in Cosmoconnection Magazine #4 (Fall/Winter 1978), from which the following are indicated: Tony Anholt expressed interest in coming, but had to back out a few weeks before; about 800 people at the convention; Ed Bishop (from UFO) was scheduled, but had to decline shortly before; had dealer's room, charity auction for Children's Hospital; Martin was "intrigued" by con but could not answer until about a week before, and became something of a surprise guest.
SpaceCon IIWilliam Penn Hotel
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
July 27-29, 1979
Barry Gray,
Nick Tate,
Prentis Hancock (Paul Morrow),
Anton Phillips (Bob Mathias)
SpaceCon IIINeil House Hotel
Columbus, Ohio
July 25-27, 1980
Nick Tate,
Prentis Hancock,
Dave Prowse,
Herb Jefferson, Jr. (Boomer from Battlestar Galactica)
SpaceCon IVSheraton Inn Airport,
Atlanta, Georgia
August 7-9, 1981
Barry Gray,
Suzanne Roquette (Tanya Alexandria),
David Hirsch (writer for Starlog magazine)
SpaceCon VMarriott Hotel,
Springfield, MA
July 30-August 1, 1982
Barry Morse (Victor Bergman),
Sarah Douglas (Ursa from Superman 1&2),
Martin Bower (model builder)
"About that convention you weren't sure about from 1982, that was in Springfield Massachusetts (I was there). It was in July, but I don't remember the exact dates. I was just getting to be known then, and remember overhearing that the convention people couldn't pay the hotel bill! We all got asked for donations, and everyone came through because it was such a great convention. Those were the good old days." -- Lew Place
SpaceCon VIHoliday Inn,
Cincinnati, Ohio
July 15-17, 1983
Anne Lockhart (Sheba from Battlestar Galactica)
"A Day With
Martin Landau
and Barbara Bain"
Ambassador Hotel,
Los Angeles, California
September 8, 1984
Special Guests:
Martin Landau and Barbara Bain
SpaceCon VIIStouffer's Concourse Hotel,
Arlington, Virginia
July 19-21, 1985
Frank Ashmore (Martin from "V")
SpaceCon VIIIHoliday Inn,
Los Angeles, California
July 18-20, 1986
Martin Landau,
Barbara Bain (Helena Russell),
Barry Morse
SpaceCon IX
Greentree Inn,
Sandusky, Ohio
July 17-19, 1987
Jeff Jones (NASA)
SpaceCon X
Holiday Inn,
Wapokeneta, Ohio
August 11-13, 1989
Barry Morse,
Sydney Sturgess (Barry's wife)
SpaceCon XIGateway Plaza
Holiday Inn,
La Mirada (L.A.), California
July 17-19, 1992
Barbara Bain,
Martin Landau,
Nick Tate
Report by Martin Willey.
Norwalk (Los Angeles),
July 22-23, 1995
Nick Tate
"Celebration of twenty years since the first broadcast of Space: 1999."

Look here soon for my report on this convention two years ago. I have to dig out what I wrote after I attended, and scan some pictures. -ed.

SpaceCon XIIDays Inn / City Center,
Portland, Oregon
September 13-14, 1997
Barry Morse,
Grace Lee Whitney (Janice Rand from Star Trek)
Extra Special Feature: 'Merely Players,' a one-man theater production starring Barry Morse!
The Convention
Breakaway: The Convention
(SpaceCon XIII)
Hotel: Radisson Hotel Westside
Culver City (Los Angeles), California
September 10-13, 1999
Barbara Bain
Johnny Byrne (script writer/editor)
Fred Freiberger (producer) — surprise guest
Prentis Hancock
Zienia Merton (Sandra Benes)
Barry Morse
Anton Phillips
John Muir (author of Exploring Space: 1999)
Nick Tate
Photos / Reports:
MainMission: 2000

MM2K Logo

MM2K Pic

S19 25th

Crowne Plaza Hotel Manhattan
(on Broadway and 49th)
New York, New York
September 1-3, 2000
Space: 1999 Cast
  • Barry Morse
  • Catherine Schell (Maya) — her first con!
  • Zienia Merton
  • Prentis Hancock
  • John Hug (Bill Fraser)
    Space: 1999 Creative
  • Johnny Byrne
  • Kevin Connor (director)
  • Chris Penfold (writer and story editor)
  • Keith Wilson (production designer)
    Other Cast (BG=Battlestar Galactica):
  • Richard Hatch (Apollo on BG)
  • Jack Stauffer (Bojay on BG)
  • Grace Lee Whitney
  • Karen Lynn Gorney (MIB, All My Children)
  • Corinne Orr (Speed Racer)
    Other Creative:
  • John Muir
  • Nick Abadzis (professional comics writer)
  • Tye Bourdony (comic illustrator)
  • James H. Burns (Starlog, Heavy Metal)
  • Phil Plait (Bad Astronomy webpage)
  • Dedicated Reports: Additional:
    • Weimar [search for "MainMission"]
    Please let me know of any more
    links to convention reports!

    (Logo images to left are from the official con site.)

    Breakaway: 2001

    (image from official site)

    Radisson Hotel (at Sabal Park)
    Tampa, Florida
    July 27-29, 2001
    Barry Morse
    Nick Tate
    Please let me know of any
    links to convention reports!
    Spacecon XIV Meant for 2002 and canceled? At the moment, the Editor has no further information on this.
    Spacecon XV July 19-20, 2003 (plus 18th/21st?)
    Radisson Hotel Portland
    Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.
  • Barry Morse
  • Zienia Merton
  • The information on this convention is all pre-Con, and has not yet been updated post-Con.
    Journey to Where
    Journey to Where
    ("An Alphan Return to
    Texas City, U.S.A.")
    Hilton Garden Inn
    Austin, Texas, U.S.A.
    July 16-18, 2010
    In Person:
  • Carolyn Seymour (Eva from "The Seance Spectre")
  • Drew Gaska (developing S19 graphic novels)
  • Teleconference:

  • Nick Tate
  • Robert E. Wood (author)
  • Con Reports: If you have one posted, please let me know! Also, last checked (M-09/13/10) the official convention website remains and was updated post-con. Organized by Lindsey Ipsen. First public showing of "The Return of Victor Bergman" short film, and release of a fan fiction anthology of the same name, with a disk of the film included. Mateo Powys and William Latham, editor and author of Powys Media, also participated in a writer panel. Optional visit 07/19 to NASA's Mission Control near Houston followed the convention itself.


    United Kingdom

    These are a mixture of Space: 1999 and more general Gerry Anderson-related cons.

    Event Date /
    Organisation /
    Guests Notes
    Fanderson 81 March 27-29 1981
    Pamela Barnes
    Gerry Anderson,
    Martin Bower
    Fanderson 82 October 8-10 1982
    Pamela Barnes
    Gerry Anderson,
    Martin Bower,
    Barry Morse,
    Barry Gray,
    Shane Rimmer
    All attendees received a
    Destination Moonbase Alpha
    full sized poster
    Fanderson 84 August 17-19 1984
    Pamela Barnes
    Gerry Anderson
    Fanderson 86 May 24-25 1986
    Helen McCarthy
    Gerry Anderson,
    Shane Rimmer
    Space 1999
    September 13 1987
    Les Ride
    Prentis Hancock,
    Suzanne Roquette,
    Martin Bower
    8pp A4 black&white
    Alphacon 3-4 November 1990
    Andrew Staton,
    Neil Swain
    Prentis Hancock,
    Alibe Parsons,
    Bob Kellett,
    Martin Bower
    24pp A5 programme
    with colour covers.
    A video of the event was
    produced by Kindred
    Fanderson 90 May 26-27th 1990
    Barbara Haywood
    Gerry Anderson,
    Dave Prowse,
    Shane Rimmer
    Plan B May 25th 1991
    Barbara Haywood
    Gerry Anderson,
    Prentis Hancock,
    Alibe Parsons
    Fanderson 91 26-27th October 1991
    Ian Fryer
    Gerry Anderson,
    Alibe Parsons
    24pp A4 programme guide
    with series profile
    Fab 1 Aug 8-9, 1992
    Art Gallery
    Gerry Anderson,
    Shane Rimmer
    12pp A4 programme guide;
    in conjunction with Art Gallery
    exhibition of models.
    Psycon 23-25th October 1992
    Mark Shaw Prentis Hancock,
    Reg Hill,
    Alibe Parsons,
    Zienia Merton,
    Suzanne Roquette
    Postcards and music tape
    by Jon Todd produced.
    Report by Martin Willey.
    Space City
    11-12 September 1993
    Chris Bentley
    32pp A4 programme
    including location guide
    Danger Zone April 15-17 1995
    Chris Bentley
    Gerry Anderson,
    Derek Wadsworth,
    Keith Wilson,
    Shane Rimmer
    Fanderson Gold 24-26 August 1996
    Chris Bentley
    John Hug,
    Chris Penfold,
    Derek Wadsworth,
    Keith Wilson
    20pp A4 programme
    with location guide
    and behind the scenes photos.
    Report by Martin Willey.



    The French conventions (all named Cosmos 1999?) were all organised by Richard Plumel and Chantal Battiston, presidents of Club Cosmos 1999. For details about the club, write to 32 rue Camille Desmoulins, 59000 Lille, France (last known address, as of 1997 or so).

    Date Location Guests
    28 October 1990 Paris Barry Morse
    30-31 October 1993Lyon Prentis Hancock, Suzanne Roquette
    28-29 October 1995Lyon Zienia Merton, Prentis Hancock, Anton Phillips, Johnny Byrne
    29-30 August 1998LyonJohnny Byrne, Prentis Hancock, Zienia Merton, Anton Philips. Report by Martin Willey.


    Logo Event / Date Location Guests of Honor
    Spazio 1999: il Giorno del Distacco

    25-26 settembre 1999

    Monza (Milan?)
    (Palazzo Comunale,
    Sala Consigliare)
    Johnny Byrne (Sceneggiatore di Spazio 1999),
    Franco Malerba (Primo astronauta italiano nello spazio),
    Virginio Marafante (Scrittore di romanzi di fantascienza),
    Giuseppe Festino (Copertinista callana Urania)
    Moonbound (I?)

    10-11 June 2000

    Modena Barry Morse,
    George Sewell (from UFO)
    Moonbound II

    16-17 June 2001

    Modena (Palazzo Europa) Zienia Merton,
    Tim Mallett (presented MFMBA for first time in Europe),
    Nick Williams (representative of Fanderson),
    Tom Lowery (president of MM:2000)
    Moonbound III

    12-13 October 2002

    Palazzo Europa
    Modena (near Bologna)
    Johnny Byrne
    A post-convention report, written in Italian, is online in older location as well as the apparently more-current location.
    Moonbound III bis

    28 giugno 2003
    (June(?) 28, 2003?)

    Bologna Michele Kalamera (Italian voice double for Martin Landau)
    A post-convention report, written in Italian, is online.
    Moonbound 2004

    28-29 febbraio 2004

    Modena Christopher Penfold
    Prentis Hancock
    Michele Kalamera?
    Zienia Merton?
    What appears to be a post-con report is located online, but the the Editor of this page cannot seem to get Babelfish working to "translate" this page and verify any information.
    Moonbound 2004 bis

    11-12 settembre 2004

    Modena Zienia Merton
    A post-convention photo album is online, including a neatly composited photo of Zienia with an Eagle hovering behind her!
    Moonbound 2005

    8/9 ottobre 2005

    l'Hotel West Garda
    a Padenghe S/G (BS)?
    Anton Phillips
    A post-convention report, written in Italian, is online.



    Event Date Location Information
    Another Con, Another Place July 18-20, 2008 Calgary Relaxacon? The Editor will eventually seek out post-Con reports.

    Many thanks to Tony Wynn and Martin Willey, who provided much of the information on this page.

    Thanks also to Lew Place and Jovan Evermann for additional thoughts and information.

    Check out the Fandom page at Martin's website (The Catacombs), which has information on fan clubs. Martin also has a separate convention list sorted by date across all countries.

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