Date: Sun, 23 Feb 1997 15:23:52 +0000
From: Ian Wheeler (
Subject: Space1999: Another Time, Another Dive off the Balcony :-)


        I was just watching "Another Time, Another Place", and just had
to burst out laughing when Alpha started time travelling. First of all,
don't get me wrong, this is one of my favourite episodes, and this
sequence is great, but this scene is VERY flawed. First of all, if the
moon tipped on it's axis a few degress, would everybody start falling
over the way the moon moved? 
        I mean, if it was just Alpha that was moving, I could understand
it, but surely, if the ENTIRE MOON moved, then the worst would be a
Moonquake, not everbody falling over and sliding along the floor until
they hit a wall, (or the Main Mission steps). 
        Also, Doesn't that man who falls over the Balcony seem to "dive
off" the balcony rather than fall uncontrollably? I don't know about you
but I wouln't be able to keep my legs stuck together like a rod while
falling uncontrollably, (unless I knew I was diving into a nice soft,
furry foam mat at the bottom!) Mabye this guy is a member of the MBACFC
(Moonbase Alpha Controlled Falling Club), or the MBADAT, (Moonbase Alpha
Diving Acrobatics Team)!

From: Date: Sun, 23 Feb 1997 13:41:29 -0500 (EST) Subject: Re: Space1999: Another Time, Another Dive off the Balcony :-) I also notice this excessive and overexagerated jumping and diving in year one. Like when Helena was zapped by Lee Russell, or Allan jumping in Collision Course, and speaking of Collision Course, the guy on the balcony took his good ol' time jumping on Alan. The jumping and diving was a big effect in year one. I wonder who choreographed it all. James
From: (Gregory L. Wilcox) Subject: Re: Space1999: Another Time, Another Dive off the Balcony :-) Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 00:53:22 GMT This may explain the sudden disappearance of year one cast members. Maybe Victor was standing between Paul and Sandra when an U.F.E. (Underpaid Falling Extra) landed on them. Taking them out for season 2 Gregg
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 1997 21:59:55 -0600 From: (Ggreg) Subject: Space1999: flingings and flyings i loved this aspect of the first season stunt work. one of the directors who used these effects alot was ray austin, who actually was aformer stunt coordinator, so this makes sense. stuff like kano being flung across the room (ring around the moon), helena in matter of life/death (as well as the doctors later), helena again in LAST SUNSET and other various flingings and blasts made perfect sense in the context they took place in: either somebody with super powers or an alien or a blast. i thought it was very good wire-work and one of the things which was very movie-quality about year one 1999, and something that once again set it apart from other Sf tv series. ggreg
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 18:08:32 +0000 From: Ian Wheeler ( Subject: Re: Space1999: Another Time, Another Dive off the Balcony :-) I lust LOVE that fall of Helena's when she is zapped by Lee Russell! Oh, It looked so COOL! It made me want to try sliding along the linoleum floor in the kitchen! (Don't worry, I didn't!) Just the way she seemed to catapult herself across the Care Unit, and then fall and slide to exactly stop near the corner of the entryway wall, (Where the set of double doors a la Command Center was) was just, spectacular and funny at the same time! I think in the second season, the fight scenes were over-choriographed most of all, to provide more action. For example, in the "Bringers of Wonder", part 2, the Lunar Fight sequence was amazing, people flying in all directions, helmets popping open, Maya showing a particularly hostile side of herself, i.e. Hurling spacesuited men across the Lunar surface into some rocks that "Just happen to be there" to puncture their Oxygen tanks. Still then again, thinking about it, when Koenig is stunned by Sanderson in "The Seance Spectre", he, for some reason, "does a Helena" (look above!) into the consoles under the Command Center viewer. Ah well. Any more reminders of Hilarious falls? Would love to hear of some so I can watch them and have a good laugh!