Vidcaps from the Space: 1999
Episode 'A Matter of Balance'

NOTE: Only some scenes are represented in these vidcaps. More may be added at a future date.

The actors/characters in these vidcaps are as follows:

Actor                  Character                 Comments                                  
Martin Landau Cmdr. John Koenig Regular role through both seasons
Catherine Schell Maya Regular role in second season
Tony Anholt Tony Verdeschi Regular role in second season
Lynne Frederick Shermeen Williams Guest role
Stuart Wilson Vindrus Guest role
(unknown) the Thaed Guest role

(04r) Shermeen, Tony
(07d) Vindrus
(09m) Tony, Shermeen
(11d) ghostly Vindrus
(11m) ghostly Vindrus
(23m) Maya
(24q) Thaed
(44m) Maya, Shermeen, Thaed
(50m) Maya, John, Tony
(55m) Shermeen, ghostly Vindrus
(62r) Maya and Tony flee the Thaed
(65b) Tony, John, Maya
(65e) Vindrus
(65f) John, Maya, Tony
(65g) Maya, John