My Miscellaneous Morphic Messes

Along the way, I picked a couple of bad options, and ended up with disastrous morphs, from which I've put up a few stills.

I wonder if Maya had to contend with the possibility of disastrous failed transformations that could kill her. If she did any of the below, especially the last one, I'd say she'd be in big trouble.

[MetaMess 1]

'Tony, would you still love me if I got stuck in this form?'

[MetaMess 3]

'I am going to bite whoever brushed my fur like this. Woof!'

'I didn't give my father much attention when he talked about some destructive disphasic dissonance dynamics, but it all sounded so pointless. And at the time, I had to concentrate just to stop myself from laughing when I realized it alliterated so badly in a certain alien langauge.'

[MetaMess 2]

'Ah, now I get the point now. Yeeeeee, I mean... I got lots of points. (Choke) Sorry Father. (Gurgle) Goodbye cruel universe.'

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