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.ZIP Files

For years (or in 1995, the 2.5 months I was on the list) that have been completely 'distilled' (i.e. I have sepearated out as many threads as I could), I will generate a ZIP file containing all of the thread pages for the year, as well as the posting stat file. This year's pages will be linked together with a special index file created for this occasion.

To use these zip files, first download the ZIP file by clicking on the year. Once saved to your hard drive, unzip it. Yes, you must have a utility such as WinZip, pkunzip, or other zip-compatible program. I think there is a ZIP utility for the Mac as well.

Once saved and unzipped, use your browser, and open the file named ??_index, where the ?? is the year. This file will give you quick links to the main options available for that year's Thread Pages.