Thread Pages Introduction

It started as a personal archive of threads, editing and saving them as one thread per file. This to condense notes that belong together, provide nice indices for them, and save space on my hard drive in the bargain. Then it occurred that I could perhaps put these 'thread pages' out for others' use and enjoyment. So here they are. It never will be comprehensive of everything (because that is not its purpose). It is not a true month-by-month full archive, and isn't a digest either; but is instead a set of thread-by-thread pages. Hope you find them useful!

Details, Details

Selected threads from the old and the new Space: 1999 Mailing List, reproduced, in most cases one HTML page per thread for increased clarity and space savings. Coverage is far from complete (even in months that look fairly well-covered), with large gaps that I will be filling in--up to a certain point. I will make no attempt to be comprehensive. This is not a full month-by-month archive as normally seen, but a personal thread-by-thread archive that I started on my computer, which I will now duplicate at my website, for whomever may find it useful and/or interesting.

As part of the editing, for the sake of relative brevity and clarity, reproduced notes have had most of their email headers, .SIG's, and prior-note quotations removed, as well as some of the longer cases of off-thread paragraphs. Some off-topic (OT) threads have been included, however. Also, flame notes and most "me too"-type notes have excluded.

Though the archive is strongly ordered by date, there is some minor shuffling to put next to each other a few notes (and whole threads) which tied directly to each other.