Date: Mon, 25 Mar 1996 05:54:12 -0800
From: Ermes Ventisetti (
Subject: technology and spirituality in the space

                Hello gang,

           I don't remember if in Space1999 exist the character of the
Protestant pastor or the Catholic priest.
           I think that many psychological,existential and spiritual
problems of our characters ( particularly of Dr.Russel )
           they would have a response from spiritual men,a men of God.
           You does thing tell?

          Ciao a tutti.


Date: Mon, 25 Mar 1996 06:58:09 -0800 From: (Marshall Poindexter) Subject: Re: technology and spirituality in the space Ermes: You raise a good point. I think that many Alphans would have been questioning *why* things happened to them (in addition to *how*, which their science tried to explain). Particularly in the first season, there were several references to God or a higher power sending the Moon on its way and protecting it from dangers (note "Collision Course," "War Games," and "The Testament of Arkadia"). This is one aspect I greatly appreciate about S1999 vs. (as Ronald puts it) the "Spawn of Star Trek." I feel Gene Roddenberry's anti-religious views detracted from the original and Next Generation series. I do not believe it was mentioned if there was a religious leader (or leaders) on Moonbase Alpha. I would like to think there were, but I suspect probably not. Among the readers of this mailing list, Mark Eidemiller (e-mail address: is known as the "Moonbase Chaplain."
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 1996 22:10:58 -0800 From: Mark Eidemiller ( Subject: Re: technology and spirituality in the space Thank you, Marshall, for that timely introduction. :> Frankly, I couldn't have put it any better. I wish I'd have kept the posts that were tossed around during the holidays, because we brought up the issue of spirituality and Moonbase Alpha, and that there was more in Space: 1999 than any of the Treks (with a couple of exceptions in the Original Series, and that was only an honorable mention...) ever did. Back to you. Take care. In His Service, Pastor Mark Eidemiller / Moonbase Chaplain (The Doormat)
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 1996 07:37:13 -0800 From: Ermes Ventisetti ( Subject: A science-fiction more scientific Hi gang, I bust the friends USA one knows the Professor Gregory Bendford of the University of California: he is also author of books of science-fiction,creator of the Helios nacelle in trip in the space. Also for write novels of the science-fiction well, it is main point know the science. I mean to the writers of science-fiction of don't exaggerate: a character like Maya won't ever be possible in nature. Also the genetic manipulations have a limit. We must tell to the writers that in the year 2050 the stellar papers will change completely:because of the effect of the precession,the position of the celestial poles mute.Today polar star is Polar in Orsa Minor,a day the pole north will be near to Vega. I think that the truth scientific is more fascinating than the imagination. Ermes Italy - Livorno - coast of the sea Tirreno
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 1996 00:00:35 -0800 From: Ermes Ventisetti ( Subject: God in the Space and in us. Hello from Italy, the religious problem is important,also in a novel of science fiction:we could understand like the modern man feels and sees God. I am a monk of San Benedict,Catholic priest and each day speaks with much people:all has a strong need of God. In my Church has begged Santa Elisabeth Seaton,of Philadelphia,first Lutheran. I want to ask the authors of Space 1999,when they will write a new book,of entrust me the character of the spiritual guide of the Alpha base,together to the Mark Eidemiller Pastor. GOD SAVE THE SPACE AND THE UMANITY!!! Ciao a tutti Ermes
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 1996 09:10:27 -0800 From: Subject: Re: God in the Space and in us. I second motion that Ermes serve as spiritual guide along with Mark. No offence Mark, of course, we still want you as pastor of Alpha but it will be nice to have a Benedictine Monk to say mass on the base, especially since I am Catholic too! Michael Moncey Alphan #45
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 03:48:06 -0800 From: Ermes Ventisetti ( Subject: Philosophy in earth and in Space 1999 Good afternoon to all, when i studied to the University, I had an American,from Cliveland ,Ohio,like professor of philosophy. He told that the women dont'love the philosophy because they are not able of reflect. He affirmed:"Particularly the American women detest the philosophy,because she removes the joy of live. The professor didn't know the women of Space 1999: in fact I have read that Barbara Bain to wanted study philosophy, but his parents didn't want; Chaterine Shell loved Kant and Kirkegaard. I busts above all the women of the list ( Claudia Coles, Janhette,Philippa ecc.ecc....): 1- does the professor be right? 2.which is the philosophy of The Space 1999,particularly of the Dr. Russell and of Maya? Thanks Ciao from Ermes PS. I ask you patience for the my ugly English
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 11:58:57 -0800 From: Ermes Ventisetti ( Subject: Why the Moon? Hello gang, I have often wondered because G. and S. Anderson have chosen the Moon for their story. I think that they have read well the studies of the scientist: according to the astronomers,the Moon was very nearer to the Earth,and his influence notable.The bio-chemist tell that the Moon has biased the the evolution of the life on the Earth.Exist a bond narrow Earth-Moon:be on the Moon means to hold the bonds with the Earth. The scientists tell that does the Moon take itself off from the Earth,does each year of 3 centimetres. This scientific truth have maybe biased our authors when do they have written the episode of Tryton? You does thing think? Best wishes Ermes
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 08:34:26 -0800 From: Ermes Ventisetti ( Subject: Attraction from Tryton Hi all Alphans, today I want to speak Moon Alpha about this episode of S1999: on the base Alpha nine men have died for cerebral injures that Dr. Russell attributes to radiations of the deposits of atomic cinders on the Moon. The J. Koenig commander loses other men,but he doubt the diagnosis of the Dr.Russell: peacock of the phonemes mysterious. For example,the Moon leaves for an unknown destination,after a chain of atomic bursts. The Koenig commander understands the mystery finally: the inhabitants of Tryton,since they don't know that their planet has been destroyed in the year 800 a.Cr.,they act on the earthlings for discover the truth. The Moon returns near to the earth and she unites his double. Also the men of Alpha whit a they discover of be of an other epoch and of have been predecessors from double. I want to know: 1- the exact name of the episode 2- if Tryton appear also in other episodes Thanks. Ermes
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 10:49:37 -0800 From: Subject: Re: Attraction from Tryton Hi Ermes: It sounds like you're talking about several episodes. The first is called "Breakaway" in which John Koenig takes command of Moonbase Alpha during a time when there is a mysterious illness killing several of Alphas' crew and then later the moon is blown out of Earth's orbit. This is the first episode of Space: 1999. The episode where the Tritons (or Trytons) don't know that their home planet has been destroyed and that their mission is no longer valid is "Ring Around the Moon." This is the only episode with the Tritons. The other episode you may be referring to is "Another Time, Another Place" in which the Alphans come upon what appears to be Earth and the Alphans meet their doubles. Robert