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Date: Thu, 1 Feb 1996 12:11:30 -0800 From: pietrini@utovrm4tag.it Subject: GREETINGS FROM ITALY !!!!! Alpha Moonbase, I'm arriving !!!! FIRST OF ALL, excuse me for my orrible english..... I can't believe it !! I have found a mailing list about my favourite SF TV-movie !!! Hey guys, I tell you that when Space1999 arrived in Italy (1977) there were Hysteric attacks among the populations: now, twenty years later, no one has forgotten John, Helena, Victor, Paul and " Alan, prepare Eagle One" Carter. Last year Martin Landau won AcademY Award for "Ed Wood" : here in Italy newspapers wrote "John Koenig wins Oscar" !!! If you ask to a young man: "When you were a child, what TVmovie did you like ?" well, 99% will answer "space1999"! I think S1999 has marked an age, here in Italy : never seen such a success. I would like to know if S1999 has been a phenomenon in the whole world, or in a few country only ? What ? Landau and Barbara Bain have divorced ? it is not real, I hope..... Well, I salute You ! My favourite episode is ' Il distacco ' (in english I think it can be translated as ' Break Away' or similar... EXCUSE ME AGAIN FOR MY TERRIBLE IGNORANCE IN WRITING !!!!! Loving You all, Alphans ! Andrea Rome, Italy.
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 1996 14:17:39 -0800 From: pietrini@utovrm4tag.it Subject: ITALIAN NAMES !!!! Dear Alphans, I'm Andrea And I salute you all !!!! Here to you some italian titles of the episode On left,italian titles On right the PROBABLE English title(I don't know!) IL DISTACCO BREAK AWAY QUESTIONE DI VITA O DI MORTE QUESTION OF LIFE AND DEATH ( possible ?) UN ALTRO TEMPO,UN ALTRO LUOGO ANOTHER PLACE, AND ANOTHER TIME RITORNO SULLA TERRA EARTH BOUND SOLE NERO A BLACH SUN ROTTA DI COLLISIONE COLLISION DRIVE (or route or course) IL GUARDIANO DI PIRI THE GUARDIAN OF PIRI GREETINGS!!!!!!
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 1996 12:36:33 -0800 From: mpoindexter@class44train.com (Marshall Poindexter) Subject: Re: GREETINGS FROM ITALY !!!!! Welcome aboard on-line Moonbase Alpha, Andrea! It's great to have you and your enthusiasm for the series. Don't worry about your English. Moonbase Alpha was a multi-cultural place and you seem to know the language better than some of the actors that played in the actual series, namely, the one who played Yasko in the second season (sorry for the dig, guys). It's nice to know that Space: 1999 did incredibly well in the ratings in *some* countries. (Unfortunately, that wasn't the case over here in the United States.) Write LUCKYGEO@aol.com and ask him what position is available for you to have on Alpha. Each one of us (or as many of us as want to) on this list has a role as if we were really on Alpha. For example, I'm Chief of Operations and Claudia Coles is a communications officer. Many slots have already been taken, but I'm sure George would be happy to work with you, especially since he is the Moonbase Alpha Director of Personnel Services! Take care and see you around the list!
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 1996 08:55:59 -0800 From: valhalla@fl4tag.net.au (Highlander the Immortal. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!!) Subject: Re: Online Profile fact At 07:52 2/02/96 -0800, Mark Eidemiller wrote: >I just looked over the Profile, and, much to my surprise, I'm the oldest one >on the list!! The closest ones to this 40.5-year-old is Lee Pappas (#63) >and John Allain (#31). > >Now I _really_ feel old. If there's anyone out there born before >the end of April 1955, sound off. Until then, I claim the position of Base >Elder as well as Base Chaplain. > >Now all you kids get back to work! > >Take care, all. > >Pastor Mark Eidemiller > Moonbase Chaplain (and unofficial Base Elder) Remember the old SciFi series whose name escapes me at the moment, when you reach a certain age, you have to end it:}. Well times almost up Chaplain:} Base Commander #23 Forge me a sword, and I want you to try To sharpen it well when you're done. For I learned yesterday that I cannot die, And they say there can be only one. Forge me a sword, for I need to defend Against those who'll come seeking my head. And we'll fight 'till the inescapable end, That leaves one alive, and one dead. Forge me a sword, there can be only one, And too much time already has passed. For though we all must fall, ere the Game can be done, I'll be damned if I won't be the last. Highlander valhalla@fl.net.au THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE
Date: Sat, 3 Feb 1996 07:49:26 -0800 From: Michael & Shannon Campbell (mcampbell@ram44link.net) Subject: Re: The Simmonds Question Claudia Coles wrote: > > On Thu, 1 Feb 1996, Rob wrote: > > > At 13:47 2/1/96 -0800, you wrote: > > > Thanks for the clearups about Simmonds disappearance. Evidently the > > > SciFi Channel is not showing the episodes in the order they were > > > shown. I don't see why they are not, though. > > > > > > Michael Moncey > > > Alpha Hisotian > > > > > > > > > > OK, but at the end of the show, you see John sitting in his chair and Helena > > comes up and asks, "Who did the computer pick?" Koenig crumples up the > > paper and says, "Simmonds." > > Question: Was Koenig saying that as a fact or to avoid the situation? I > > mean, if the Commish had a little patience, the matrix could have been fixed > > so that he could go into hibernation. But he didn't...and he died. He > > could've taken someone else's spot...Kano, Victor (It would be easier to > > explain Bergman's absence in season 2 ; ) and Koenig just didn't want it to > > be general knowledge. Ideas anyone? > > Yeah Rob, I have one. I always kinda wanted to think that what Koenig > said was *true* because if it weren't, just think of the cruel form of > irony he would be playing out for the crew. They just saw one of their > compatriots (surliness aside) head into space towards what they knew would > be an agonizing death. Koenig, having at least an ounce of humanity, > would not, IMHO, try to avoid the situation in the way you described > because Alpha had already experienced the suffering of a fellow human > being. If anything, grieving was in order, and it seemed as though they > were even grieving for Simmonds as they saw him banging away at his space > chamber/tomb. For Alpha to learn or hear from Commander Koenig that > Simmonds was picked by the computer, without it being true, would be a > terrible and cruel thing to say to those on Alpha...especially after > experiencing what they did. > > Great question though. :) > > But that's just my $.02 worth > > > Rob > > (Alphan without portfolio) > > ======================================================== > > What, no portfolio yet? They're just a buck fifty-seven at the five and > dime store. :) > > respectfully submitted, > > yfA, > > Comm. Ofc. Claudia I think that the twist at the end of the episode when Koenig says Simmonds was the one computer picked was meant to be something like a Twilight Zone episode. The irony of Simmonds' fate reminds me a little of the post nuclear holocost TZ episode, "Time Enough at Last", where the bookwormish Mr. Beavis (admittedly not the dastardly character that Simmonds is) breaks his glasses after finding enough reading material to last a lifetime. Mike
Date: Sat, 3 Feb 1996 09:57:13 -0800 From: Ronald Dudley (dudleyrd@expert.cc.purdue4tag.edu) David Weiss wrote recently: > Has anyone with the Technical Manual (which has a chronology in it) > checked the season 2 episodes against the preferred order? Answer: As a kid, I got a copy of the Moonbase Alpha Technical Manual by Geoffrey Mandel Mandel, and dilligently compared it to reruns. The time line in the Tech Manual generally, but not always, agrees with Dr. Russel's Status Reports. I don't know what SIG had on this matter. As several others wrote yesterday in reference to SIG, Dr. Russel's spoken dates are sometimes inconsistent, or even absurd. This is understandable since different screen writers, unaware of eachothers work, could make up conflicting dates. Similar script timeline conflicts have been written about another ITC production, The Prisoner. The worst example of this is The Bringers of Wonder (BoW). Part 1 begins 1912 days after leaving Earth orbit (ALEO), whereas Part 2 begins 2515 days ALEO! What the heck happened in the intervening 600 days? Apparently, several other adventures happened! Here are some episodes and their dates ALEO as given by Dr. Russell that fall between BoW 1 & 2: Dorzak 2009 Seance Spectre 2012 Devil's Planet 2306 Lambda Factor 2308 Immunity Syndrome 2310 Dorcons 2409 Notice that Immunity Syndrome begins only 2 days after Lambda Factor! The Alphans schedule got crowded that week! The tech manual gives ranges of dates for the events of each episode, and "corrects" the inconsistiencies in Dr. Russel's spoken dates. For example, BoW Pt. 2 is lumped into the 1912 days ALEO of BoW Pt. 1. Lambda Factor is moved back to 928 days ALEO. Here is a comparison of Dr. Russel's dates, for Season 2 as I recorded them, compared to the Tech Manual: Episode Script Tech Manual Metamorph 342 agreement Exiles 403 380 Journey to Where none 429 One Moment of Humanity 515 400 All That Glisters 565 agreement Taybor none 587 Mark of Archanon 640 agreement Rules of Luton 892 agreement New Adam, New Eve 1095 agreement Brian the Brain 1150 agreement Catacombs of the Moon 1196 agreement AB Crystalis 1288 agreement Beta Cloud 1503 agreement Seeds of Destruction 1608 508 Matter of Balance 1702 agreement Space Warp 1807 1032 Apparently, Season 2 is spread out over a ~2170 day period (6 years!), whereas Season 1 is crammed into a ~340 day period (a different adventure every 2 weeks!), and in between, the Alphans changed their uniforms and their Command Center! I would appreciate any corrections to my date list. There are some other things in Season 2 episodes that indicate specific chronological orders. Apparently whoever was in charge of script editing did a better job at planting "seed dialog" than in checking dates for consistency: 1. Koenig mentions his mission to Venus in "Exiles", and is later haunted by ghosts from that mission in "Lambda Factor". 2. In "Rules of Luton" Maya mentions her brother and other Psychons who left their planet before its destruction, and in "Dorzak", she meets one. There may have been other "seeds", but I haven't seen very many episodes in the last 15 years, and have forgotten a lot! Tricia's Alphan Casualty List is Great! Next time, include the 2 deserters in "Testament of Arkadia"! While technically not dead, they still represent a change in the Alphan population by -2. Ronald Dudley
Date: Sat, 3 Feb 1996 11:38:16 -0800 From: gwr@easy44net.co.uk (Gareth Randall) Subject: Re: Making of Space:1999? I WANT IT!!!!! >>- I knew about the videotapes "The making of Space 1999" from >>FanAnderson. Do you know how can I get it? > >Hey, now I would LOVE to know about this one as well..... I'm not a member of Fanderson, so I can't give you the full details, but this is what I *do* know... Fanderson have produced several high-quality videos, among them "AlphaCon" (a documentary of an early-90s S:1999 convention in the UK, interspersed with some interesting insights from Gerry A. about the production of the show), "The UFO Documentary" (pretty self-explanatory!) and "The Making of Space:1999". All of them are produced to professional standards; indeed the latter two have been broadcast on UK satellite television. The S:1999 tape is the most recent (it was only completed about a month ago) and is truly excellent, even though it reuses a lot of the specially-shot interview with Gerry which was carried out for the "AlphaCon" tape (although it includes parts that didn't make it into "AlphaCon"). There are also new interviews with Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Barry Morse, Zienia Merton and more, plus on-set interviews with Gerry, Fred Freiberger, Catherine Schell, Landau and Bain which were shot as promotional material back in the 70s. There is some nice behind-the-scenes archive footage, including the S:1999 model workshop at Bray Studios, and some out-takes and otherwise "raw" footage. Where scenes from S:1999 have been used, the quality of the prints is staggering - much better than laserdisc - and there are some nice oddities, such as the title sequence for Season 2 *without* the computerised captions. Overall it's a great package, but I've only seen the TV version. The tape that will be/is sold through Fanderson is longer (as much as 20 minutes of extra material - the TV version lasts an hour). The promos for the TV version included scenes which weren't shown in the actual broadcast programme (such as an out-take of Barbara Bain filming her credit shot for the Season 1 opening titles), so I guess that they'll turn up in the tape. All Fanderson's tapes are available through the club only, so if you're interested you'll have to get in touch with them directly. I believe that full info is in this list's FAQ. Gareth
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 1996 04:12:27 -0800 From: Joseph Theotime Chiasson (chiasson@is.dal4tag.ca) Subject: Re: Destructive Child? On Fri, 2 Feb 1996, Claudia Coles wrote: > On Fri, 2 Feb 1996, Van A Plexico wrote: > > > ...In particular I am seeking one of the die-cast metal eagles > > to replace the one I destroyed as a child... > > > > --Asst. Security Chief Van (#107) > > Van, > > My only question...how could you destroy die-cast metal...as a child yet? > [ BIG :) ] I see your security attributes were shining through even as a > tot ;). I would like to point out, from personal experience, that being die-cast metal is no protection from a child intent on simulating an eagle doing a belly-flop in the sand and then blowing up. I personally destroyed many tanks, jeeps, trucks and sundry items in my youth as I attempted to re-create the special effects I saw on television and the movies. A propane torch applied to a centurion tank, for example, adequately simulates the effect of a laser beam fired from a large, green, slimy bipedal creature who stands tens of stories high. :)
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 1996 05:01:48 -0800 From: artuik@cdc4tag.it (Simone Monetti) Subject: ITALIAN BOOKS The title of the 16 Italian books are: FIRST SEASON 1 Il distacco (Separation) 2 I naufraghi dello spazio (The wreckeds of the space) 3 I pirati delle galassie (The pirates of the galaxies) 4 Verso il 3000 (Towards the 3000) 5 I giustizieri del cosmo (The executioners of the cosmos) 6 Al di la' del tempo (Beyond the time) 7 L'ultimo tramonto (The last sunset) 8 Gli eredi del passato (The heirs of the past) 9 Guerra nel cosmo (War in the cosmos) 10 I giorni del terrore (The terrible days) 11 Gli esploratorti dell'eternit=E0 (The explorers of the eternity) 12 La grande dominatrice (The big ruler)=20 SECOND SEASON 1 Gli alieni dai mille volti (The 1000 faces of the aliens) 2 Gli stregoni del cosmo (The wizards of the cosmos) 3 Il ritorno degli ibernati (The return of the ibernateds) 4 Rapimento nello spazio (Abduction in the space) What's more in Italy two albums (fisrt season and second season) of picture cards exist. The album are produced by Panini, and each album includes 400 picture cards. The albums can still ordered by Panini but they're very expensive! Simone Monetti
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 1996 15:04:55 -0800 From: ggreg@nwu4tag.edu (ggreg perry) Subject: 1999 as historical influence well, at least one of my friends has said to me, and i quote: "SPACE: 1999 changed my life." he was fifteen years old when he first saw it, but he just said this to me back in november of 1995, so for a show 20+ years, it still has quite a major effect. as far as it's effect on my friend, he is now a freelancer SFX/makeup person in hollywood, from st. louis, mo. he has worked on the last two BATMAN movies, as well as APOLLO 13 and the GUYVER films. he is also lined up for LUC (LA FEMME NIKITA) BESSON's next film, a $75 million SF epic with bruce willis titled THE FIFTH ELEMENT, at this time. so, here's one old show which had a heck of alot of influence, on one guy at least, beyond found memories and lost youth. he likes everything, by the way, from star trek to star wars, but his comment about "changing his life" i've only ever heard him apply to 1999. even today, after working in the SFX biz for 6 years, and being surrounded by the highest of hi-tech, wiz bang hollywood gimmickry, he still is sometimes amazed by some of SPACE: 1999's visual effects, sets, etc. by the way, i concur with my friend, and if i had any technical skills like model making or design work, i definitely would be joining him in a career that was fueled in no small part by the viewing of SPACE: 1999. ggreg
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 1996 06:59:17 -0800 From: mpoindexter@class44train.com (Marshall Poindexter) Subject: Re: Episode production list On 6 February 1996, Terry Lee (terryl@asymetrix.com) wrote: >Marshall, > >Thanks for the production list. Can you send the list for the 2nd season? >Just to clarify what you send. Is this the order that the shows were >produced? And is this the order that they were intended to be aired in? > >Thanks > >Terry As someone else noted, the episodes weren't produced to be shown in any particular order as the syndicators at that time wanted to give stations flexibility in airing them. However, it's generally been accepted that the production order is the actual order of events for the series (i.e. Starlog's Technical Manual orders the episodes in a timeline as they were produced). Here's the order for second season: 25 The Metamorph 26 The Exiles 27 One Moment of Humanity 28 Journey to Where 29 All That Glisters 30 The Taybor 31 The Mark of Archanon 32 The Rules of Luton 33 New Adam, New Eve 34 Brian the Brain 35 A B Chrysalis 36 The Catacombs of the Moon 37 Seed of Destruction 38 The Beta Cloud 39 A Matter of Balance 40 Space Warp 41 Bringers of Wonder, Part 1 42 Bringers of Wonder, Part 2 43 Dorzak 44 The Lambda Factor 45 Devil's Planet 46 The Seance Spectre 47 Immunity Syndrome 48 The Dorcons
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 1996 15:49:11 -0800 From: "Kenneth J. Weatherwax" Subject: Re: FOR SALE and off-topic re APOLLO 13 >I have a HUGE hardcover book on the history of manned spaceflight available... >The book is titled History of Manned Spaceflight. It has hundreds of photos >and is 544 pages long. Written by David Baker PhD. >Any and all bids will be accepted!! >Mike Prendergast Er, I feel sure you meant to say, any/all bids will be _considered_. Unless you have unlimited copies, that is. What I want to know, though, is of course: Is it any GOOD? What year is its copyright? Is it a coffee-table-sized poster book or a fat pocket-dictionary- sized miniature book? I assume it covers the Apollo-13 cockup. My specific litmus test question is: does it gloss, or indeed mention, the S.N.A.P. isotope power source that reentered with the lunar lander and now lies percolating at the bottom of the Pacific? 'Cause that's the one thing the movie somehow failed to mention. BEGIN OFF-TOPIC ASIDE: My dad helped do the ex post analysis on the SNAP. How many people today know that the lunar landers had that much plutonium aboard? How many know that the SNAP had its very own little heat shield just on the off-chance that some crazy Apollo-13-ish thing happened and the lander had to reenter Earth's atmosphere? And how many know that that little old heat shield turned out to be aerodynamically defective -- and that there was an extremely nonzero chance that the SNAP might have reentered shield-UP instead of shield-DOWN, thus scattering several times more curies of radiation into the Earth's atmosphere than all the nuclear explosions and tests ever conducted put together? Fortunately, God's coin came up "heads," and the intact SNAP is now percolating somewhere near the bottom of the Mariana Trench... I'm not an anti-nuke person by any means, but I still think it was a very political decision on the moviemakers' part not to mention it. Space nuclear disaster... when you think about it the whole thing's rather Space:1999'ish, actually. MAYBE NOT SO OFF-TOPIC AFTER ALL, THEN. -- -KW kenw@sierracc.com +--------------------------------------------------+ | ORCHESTRA: One of the most stinging damnations | | of current culture I can think of is the | | massive recent proliferation of personal ads. | | BALCONY: Excuse me -- society does not owe | | you a date, ya know. | | ORCHESTRA: Did I say it did? But dates are | | like movies -- they didn't use to be such big | | productions and there used to be more of them | | every year. You know, John Wayne appeared | | 64 movies. And _then_ he starred in | | STAGECOACH. And he wasn't half done with his | | film career! Tom Cruise'll be lucky to be in | | thirty films in his whole life. There's | | something to be said for having more of an | | opportunity to practice something. | +--------------------------------------------------+
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 1996 17:23:22 -0800 From: LUCKYGEO@aol4tag.com Subject: Re: fixes part II - Pushing The Envelope On Wed, Feb 7, 1996 11:15 AM PST, ccoles@dcez.dcez.com (Claudia Coles) wrote: >Do you remember when the producers [of Bewitched] switched Samantha's >husband from actor Dick Sargeant to Dick York [ or was it the other way >around? It's been a while :) ]. They were two different actors playing >the *same* role, however, you never once heard an explanation on why >Samantha's husband looked *mysteriously* different :) . See what I mean Hi Claudia, hi all! Okay, I see what you mean, but I don't beg to differ with your comparision. Originally Ray submitted his "tweak" of explaining a character's disappearance from the show, not necessarily of the actor who portrays said character. Off the top of my head, I can think of a few feature films that replaced the original actors, but retained the original characters. Here are a few examples: BATMAN SERIES: Character portrayed: Batman [Michael Keaton --> Val Kilmer] THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER/PATRIOT GAMES: Character portrayed: Jack Ryan [Alec Baldwin --> Harrison Ford] 2001/2010: Character Portrayed: Dr. Heywood Floyd [William Sylvester --> Roy Scheider] STAR TREK: Character Portrayed: Saavik [Kirstie Alley-->Robin Curtis] and of course... JAMES BOND SERIES: Character Portrayed: 007 [Sean Connery, Roger Moore, etc.] Notice that the audience is supposed to accept that the character is still the same 'person.' Only the actors have been replaced for one reason or another. (However, in the case of Bond, I would concede that each actor who portrayed 007 added their own personality to the character.) Anyway, that's my two cents for the day. ^-^ Geo Director of Personnel Services [#8]
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 1996 07:11:53 -0800 From: GT3083@siucvmb.siu4tag.edu Subject: Re:BREAKAWAY I've been watching the copy of Breakaway a friend made for me when it aired for days now (it's been so long since I've seen it, I just can't get enough..:) ), and the body count I noticed was as follows: Nordstrom becomes affected during the radiation check at the beginning of the episode, cracks his helmet and dies. The two Meta probe pilots die later on in the episode, plus Dr. Russell mentions 9 other deaths. Collins goes into the first stage during Koenig's radiation check. Since it appears Dr. Russell has not been able to treat the malignancies once they appear (or else the body count would not be so high), we can assume he is also a goner. During the Area Two flare-up, at least one Eagle with a two-man crew is destroyed. Scratch two more. Presumably, more Eagles were caught in the blast, but that is not shown in the episode. No mention is made of how many Eagles were lost, but given the Sci-Fi Channel's tendency to edit episodes, it may have been in a cut scene. So, at least 15 personnel die in the first episode. Can anyone think of an episode where they top that? Wasn't someone compiling a casualty list over the entire series' run? What's the count so far? Dennis Campbell GT3083@Siucvmb.Siu.Edu
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 1996 07:39:00 -0800 From: Ronald Dudley (dudleyrd@expert.cc.purdue4tag.edu) Today, Feb. 8, Dennis Campbell wrote: >So, at least 15 personnel die in the first episode. Can anyone think of >an episode where they top that? Answer: In "War Games" probably half of the Alphans were killed. In "A Matter of Life and Death", the entire Moon exploded, and all but Helena were wasted. Of course, these were only deaths in dreams. I think that 2 dream doomsdays is 2 too many in any television show. On Feb. 7, Van A Plexico wrote: >Hey, here's an idea--if no one has done this before (!) --WHO SHOULD >BE CAST IN THE "NEW SPACE:1999 or SPACE:2999 MOTION PICTURE" ?? I think the the role of Maya, the alien metamorph, should be played by real-life alien metamorph, Michael Jackson. My $0.02, Ronald Dudley
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 1996 08:44:25 -0800 From: "connole_rj_ray (184864)" (connole@lvs-emh.lvs.loral4tag.com) Subject: FIXES part III Back by popular demand are editing fixes part III. In this attempt I will attempt to fix an all time favorite Seance Spectre. Remember the Maya into a plant episode? This would have been the best episode to present a real mutiny against Koenig. First off address the morale situation with a command conference. Allow Saunderson to be the tip of the iceberg and letting Koenig see how the base is suppressing real hostility towards him. While not responsible for the dumps exploding he did nix abandoning Alpha while still in our solar system and no has forgotten that. Koenig could have a flashback to a few of his big mistakes Piri, Arkadia,etc and doubt his leadership and ponder stepping down. After Saunderson's first attempt to force finding the world he senses nearby, Koenig could show good faith by implementing the first stage of EXODUS to smooth tensions. He missed an opportunity to really diffuse the issue by bringing Saunderson along with him and Maya. Okay after the ship malfunctions on the prelife planet we fix the plant thing once and for all. Since the eagle going Alpha bound by remote redo the oxygen crisis. We already know that an eagle is stocked with more than two space suits and backpacks assess the situation in detail. Have Koenig and Maya figure out that one person can make it back using the stocked packs. Maya can then reveal she has never tried to mimic vegetation and is afraid to try. When Koenig decides to sacrifice himself Maya whaps him and knocks him out. She tries a really few scary attempts and instead of a fern she picks a tree of an alien species which is very unearthly to behold. After being rescued and revived we move on to the upcoming collision. We could really shake up the base by an upheaval of protest to igniting the last dumps to bump the moon away. Koenig and Maya figure a planned trajectory that will hurl the moon close to a new star system that looks promising and shows an assortment of planetary bodies that look habitable. The next fix would be the Koenig Saunderson fight. Not enough of a madman inspired fight to the death. After the successful detonation and course change we join Koenig and the newly formed Alphan society. This is an elected body of persons that will discuss and raise issues that affect everyone on Alpha to prevent a crisis like the one they just lived through from happening again. This will put Koenig in touch more with everyday Alpha not just command issues. Scrap the wildlife slide shows and focus on the new star system approaching. It could close with a "maybe there" musing by Koenig as reports come in. Okay, I know that this blows the FF nobody will notice continuity. But this proves you can find a redeeming aspect in even the worst 1999 story and build on it. Ray
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 1996 21:41:44 -0800 From: Levi@spirit4tag.com.au (Graham Levi and Cecilia Levi) Subject: Re: Chris Drake book on UFO/Space 1999. Hi Everyone, This book seems to have been discovered. I bought a copy of this in April last year. It is "UFO / Space 1999" by Chris Drake and it is published by Boxtree/ITC. I had it imported from the UK. The information isn't really that good. The pictures are great. It is worth having - I found it important to get some info out of it because I don't have the Tech Manual. It was good for very limited plot synopsis. It informed me of the episodes missing due to copyright and company in fighting over the rights and ownership. The interesting variant is that Mr Drake gives us a review of the characters and their careers and ages. It seems that the folks on Alpha are a little older than people should assume. Typical career focused group. It is worth investigation. Cecilia.
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 04:23:49 -0800 From: Avril Hardy (avril.hardy@ecl.etherm4tag.co.uk) Subject: Newbie-videos-lots of questions Well Hi there Alphans, My name's Avril Hardy (please everyone call me Av) currently residing in Worthing in the U.K. I'm a Newbie, not only to the Space-1999 mailing list but also to the internet (via work) and the e-mail system too, so, if I make some real bloopers, someone please let me know and steer me in the right direction; I need to get to know the lingo too!!. I've always been a fan of Space-1999 and didn't realise what a wonderful following the series had. I'm currently reading through the FAQ (which I find everso, everso, everso interesting and helpful - thanks Ande) and the mail I've received (boy am I going to be busy!!). Once I've reached the end, which won't be log now, I'm sure I'll have a whole stream of questions to ask; meanwhile here are a few I hope someone can answer for me: I've recently bought the film videos "Cosmic Princess" (The Metemorph & Space Warp) and "Journey Through The Black Sun" (Black Sun & Collision Course) as I missed them on the TV recently ("rats!!!"). However, guess what, they've bee cut or so I believe (Metamorph has definitely) so I'm after the TV version which shows: John Koenig, Dr. Russell, Alan Carter and Co. bieng held in a cell; Alan tries to run out and gets hit by the force field and when Koenig tries to help, is shunned by Alan (this being the cut piece). Secondly, in Collision Course there is a scene where Dr. Russell and Victor decide John Koenig is suffering from Radiation Sickness, this is also referred to by Koenig earlier on the Black Sun. Dr. Russell then calls for 2 security guards to meet her in the medical centre; the next scene is of Koenig drugged up and asleep in bed??. Have they cut this section ie. has anyone ever seen Koenig struggling with the security guards, or was it left to the viewers imagination and where was it decided that Koenig was suspected of having radiation sickness - was this a 'cut' as well? Does anyone know? If either of these parts have been cut, I really would like the versions with them in, again can anyone help? Assistant Security Chief Van (Alphan #107) wrote on 1st Feb.'96 that he had loads of tapes. Van, do these tapes contain the 2 episodes I'm after and what format are they in please, I'm dying to get hold of them!!. Finally, or this may end up as "The Life and Times of a Space-1999 Nut), I too am trying to get hold of "The Making of Space:1999" (full version) and "Alphacon" also books, tech manuals, publications, anything really. I've not seen much around in the U.K. but then maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. Can anyone help please? Your fellow Alphan Av
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 13:54:38 -0800 From: Sfcafeguy@aol4tag.com Subject: Space: 1999 Stun Gun Actual Prop Replicas The following was in a private response that I sent to GGREG and I got to thinking that others of you might like to know this as well: Here’s the info you need to order the Space: 1999 stun gun (a casting of an actual prop) for $55.00 + $4 shipping to: Scott G. Heathcote P.O. Box 2292 Fullerton, CA 92633 (714) 994-3393 This is, I was told, a cast model of an actual prop stun gun. When it arrived, my particular stun gun had the barrels attached wrong (there are four different sizes and they should be applied largest at the bottom to smallest at the top [according to freeze frames of several episodes]). These were easy to remove and reattach properly, however, (if I can do it anybody can). These are actually made by Clint Young, but Clint’s phone number that I have is wrong and you can order through Scott (they partner up to sell wares at sci-fi conventions in southern California). Other items they have that are cool are the original Star Trek Tricorder ($175), Communicator ($59.95 plain/$199 with lights and sound), and Phaser ([specify season 1 (gray pistol body) or season 2 (black pistol body)] $75 plain/$125 with sound effects/$29 hand phaser only). These are EXCELLENT and TOTALLY CONVINCING reproductions in every way, though a bit pricey. They also have ST/TNG props that are less convincing due to the use of decals for buttons and readouts. The Space: 1999 stun gun is good but looks like what it was, a prop (buttons and things are molded into the body and all of one piece except for Stun/Kill switch which slides forward and backward). Give Scott a call if interested, and also ask to be put on his mailing list. Scott can also provide EXCELLENT copies of all episodes (except The Bringers of Wonder, I believe), though a full set of each season will cost you $170 and as I was told by Ggreg, many people on this list are willing to provide the same for free. Anybody know of any quality reproductions of the comlock?
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 1996 10:09:14 -0800 From: DVEZINA@socrate.droit.usherb4tag.ca Subject: Derek Wadsworth... among 1999 other things! Hi! First of all, let me apolpgize for my long silence. I have unsubsribed fora couple of days in order to let the spam thing sttle down and then I had trouble re-subscribing again. Afterwards, I have been oh-so-busy I felt like the Moon going through a space warp! ;-) Fortunately, I did not have any "Mentor! Get off Psychon" nightmares... :-) One of my friends lent me his copy of Manfred Mann and rare Earth's "The Roaring Silence", their 1976 album which features Bruce Springsteen's "Blinded By The Light". As I previously said here, I suspected that Derek Wadsworth was in the credits. He was indeed. He was responsible for the winds/strings, etc. Why is it of interest? Because he is the composer of the Season 2 theme, which I love a lot. I just wanted to settle this subject once and for all. There. I won't bother you with this anymore... ;-) BTW, yeah, I do see some sort of Internet thing going on throughout Moonbase Alpha. it would be part of the computer system and would give access to technical data, library, rec roomgames, chat rooms, discussion groups and so on. Leaders of the base like Keonig and Helena could use this net for formal or not so formal information to be given to every Alphan. So long as they not have alt-koenig-die-die-die as a newsgroup, they're OK, I guess! ;-) Daphne
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 07:40:27 -0800 From: Mark Eidemiller (Mark_Eidemiller@pgn4tag.com) Subject: Space travel and temporal loss >>> Anthony (anthonyd@zeus.argo.net) 02/24/96 08:10pm > Yes, Space:1999's premise is unplausible...but any more so than >humans traveling at faster than light speeds? With human/alien >alliances? And Earth doesn't "age" after the Enterprise leaves at Warp >speed??? Come on guys! Good point, Tony. The only difference I see between the Trek Warp angle and the movements of Alpha-Moon is that Trek's Warp drive might be sending the ships through some sort-of spacial "tunnel" between points (I offer in cross reference the mentions in Star Wars to setting hyperspace coordinates before going into light speed, and the Babylon 5 practice of jumpgates to get from Point A to Point B) with minimal temporal loss at the originating point. Alpha isn't powered. No warp drive it can control. It's got to follow the current, so to speak. And the if the current takes it through a black hole or other spacial anomaly, there is no predictable way it will affect them, or the universe around them. Or then, it just might be some plot twist from an unknown Space: 1999 script writer looking for an angle..... Thoughts? Pastor Mark Eidemiller Moonbase Alpha Chaplain
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 08:04:56 -0800 From: Amardeep_Chana@xn.xerox4tag.com (Chana,Amardeep) Subject: RE: Space travel and temporal loss This is another area we just have to take with a -large- grain of salt. If the moon was really moving fast enough to encounter a new star system every few weeks then planets would zip by faster than they could even see them, let alone send an eagle down to investigate! At the speed of light, even our nearest star is more than 4 years away. There is a lot of space in space. Got to love sci-fi... Amardeep
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 1996 20:27:08 -0800 From: Claudia Coles (ccoles@dcez.dcez4tag.com) Subject: RE: Space travel and temporal loss I like that one Amardeep..."There is a lot of space in space." :) Ain't that the truth, especially when it comes down to our beloved show Space: 1999 - heck, you just gotta love it. But then again, "love is blind" :). How else would so many of us fall head over heels over the show? <Big G> See ya. respectfully submitted, yfA, Claudia C.O. - Moonbase Alpha
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 1996 05:07:58 -0800 From: Amardeep_Chana@xn.xerox4tag.com (Chana,Amardeep) Subject: Landau embarrassed about SPACE: 1999? >Just one question... > > How embarrassed has Martin "Look at my shiny new Oscar" Landau got >to be about this show? From what I understand he grudgingly talks about his >MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE days in interviews, but he refuses to discuss Space:1999 >at all. I think that's a trip! Probably just leftover bad feelings from the days of FF.
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 1996 07:23:48 -0800 From: mpoindexter@class44train.com (Marshall Poindexter) Subject: Re: S1999 board game On 28 February 1996, Jim Sullivan (jsullivan@internet.kronos.com) wrote: > Speaking of toys... > > Does anyone remember the Space:1999 board game? Your object was to > get your Eagles to the opposite side of the board, while each die roll > turned the board so that your pieces were never in the same location > each turn. > > I still have it but am missing the box and half the pieces. I remember the game, Jim. I played it until the edges of each "Eagle" game piece were frayed beyond recognition. I think the object of the game was to return your Eagle to your color Moonbase. Am I right? You'd move along a path of stars and planets by a roll of a die. I'm sure my parents still have it in the house where I grew up. Unfortunately, that's 2,000 miles away from me right now. I seem to remember the box had scenes from Year 1 on it, with a huge picture of an Eagle on a launch pad taking up most of the boxtop.
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 1996 15:02:00 -0800 From: Bill Greer (bgreer@tri44con.net) Subject: Re: Re[2]: S1999 board game I'm sitting here looking at my Space:1999 board game. It does indeed have year one photos on it. According to the instuctions printed on the inside of the box top: "You become a commander and launch your fleet of "eagles" into space. You guide your eagles through the ever-changing space trying to land them on your target planet. Strategy and chance determine whether your fleet of eagles completes its mission first." Object: Be the first commander to land all your eagles on your target planet. Bill