Date: Sun, 18 Feb 1996 06:41:37 -0800
Subject: Re: The ultimate Eagle blueprints from Italy

Regarding the Eagle blueprints from Roberto in Italy.  I have seen the
quality of his work and all I can say is if you possibly can get these than
do it!  The detail and quality are all pro standard.  You won't be

Mike Prendergast

Date: Tue, 20 Feb 1996 16:01:29 -0800 From: Subject: Re: I'm really sooorryyy!!!! In a message dated 96-02-20 17:15:44 EST, Roberto Baldassari ( writes: >I'm so sorry ! Belive me. To fill your coputers with bunches of large email >files was the last think I wanted to do. >All I've tryed to do was to show you my blueprints. "Mea Culpa !" (that's >Latin, an acient language we used to speak here a couple of thousands years >ago) > >I just received a telling-off from Mr. "". Sorry Nick. >by the way what is a "dweep" ? I couldn't find that word in my >English-Italian Dictionary. I hope it is nothing too hard, I'm a very >sensible boy. > >I will never send anything more till someone will ask me to and will tell >me how to send it the right way. (I'using a Mac and Eudora Light software). > >Ciao ! > >Roberto To All of Us: I find it extremely irksome and offensive that Roberto was put in a position in which he felt he had to write the above message to us today. (Though I must say I admired the way he kept his cool humor throughout -- the sign of a true gentleman.) Where does anyone on this list get off telling anyone else what they can and canít post? How difficult is it for any of us to simply delete the messages weíre not interested in. Itís not like this wasnít 1999 related, and I for one was happy to go through whatever it took to see the JPG files eventually. This also applies to posts regarding auctions and subsequent auction updates. Perhaps some of us donít want to see those subsequent posts, but for others itís fun to be able to monitor the bidding and some of us may have just subscribed to this list and a "subsequent" post to us is (for them) an "initial" (and possibly the only) post. I know I have not only added to my collection because of these posts but have also learned more about whatís available out there, as well as going rates for things. Again, please simply hit the delete key if youíre not interested. Others of us are. In addition, I think it would be wise for all of us to remember that this is an international group of people here with different cultural norms and values, and that we should all try to be as diplomatic as possible and to give people the benefit of the boubt if possible. Didn't someone wise once say that If you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem? As for calling Roberto what I assume must have been a "dweeb," I am both appalled and disgusted. I expect Iíll be getting a "Fuck You" message in my e-mail, but thatís the price I pay for believing in freedom of speech and being willing to stand up for my principles, and above all, in my belief that we should all treat others the way we wish to be treated. It is my hope that in view of nternational relations and the "honor" of the list members, will rethink his position and perhaps offer Roberto an apology. He is, after all, something akin to a guest here with us, is he not? Or is he a member? Having only joined this list recently, I remember all too well Nick Sayerís admonition not to flame on this list. I would hope that that would carry over to personal e-mails as well. While Roberto has posted, I believe, three messages regarding the JPG files, all thatís been required of Nick and his ilk is to hit the delete key THREE INDIVIDUAL TIMES. Not too difficult I would say, especially in light of what we would all have if this eventually worked. Roberto, for my part, and for what itís worth, I wish to express regret that this has happened. Please donít judge us all by the actions of a few. Robert
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 1996 21:49:43 -0800 From: "Kenneth J. Weatherwax" ( Subject: Re: I'm really sooorryyy!!!! Robert, CHILL. You offend. You overreact. 1. Common sense. Calling someone a dweeb is not a crime. Calling someone a "dweep" is hilarious. 2. Practicalities. What Nick was doubtless objecting to was the needless waste of bandwidth all over the world, with corresponding slowness of web. If a pleasant Italian accidentally steps on my shoe, I will not castigate him. But I will ask him not to do it again, because his carelessness impacts others. And if he weighs 400#, I may exclaim a word or two which I would not normally say. 3. Free speech. I would object to pedophilia posted on this newsgroup, and would tell posters to stop posting thereof, and not feel censorious at all. Speaking of free speech, recall Robert Mapplethorpe? (Egad - yet another Robert.) Recall "Piss in Christ?" I would support his right to display that in a Cincinnati museum, on freedom-of-expression grounds - the same way I support Nick's right to say what he said - on freedom-of-expression grounds. Christ can handle Mapplethorpe. Roberto can handle Nick. No harm, no foul. 4. Ridiculous. Please stop standing up for your principles so vocally. As John Wayne told a reluctant and taciturn ally in RIO BRAVO, "[the others] talked, but you actually helped out." (Did you know that's one of Quentin Tarantino's faves, BTW?) 5. And as for you, Roberto, you silly wop, you bumbling eytie - bravo, fellow wop! A very good mea culpa. If we all had your sense of humor, the Net would be a paradise on silicon. O:) -- -KW (25% eytie)
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 1996 22:08:56 -0800 From: Subject: Re: I'm really sooorryyy!!!! Ken: Thanks for telling me in essence that we should all react as you do and that if it doesn't offend you it shouldn't offend anyone else. Your sensitivity to the situation really gives one hope for the future. Robert
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 1996 06:29:15 -0800 From: (Roberto Baldassari) Subject: Fascinating ! Fascinating ! There is only one word I can find in my modest English vocabulary to comment what I've unchained: Fascinating. (He said arching his brow). I'm new to the Internet but I love it. I'd like to thank everybody for support me in this difficult circumstance (I'm kidding) and especially for "decoding" my poor English (I'm not kidding now) I'd like to salute Mr. "" for accepting my apologize and I respect Kenneth for his words about freedom of speech. (BTW I like Mapplethorpe and Tarantino too) I think it's all right now. Lets talk about our beloved S1999 ! I've sent my pictures to Ande Tucker and he will put them up on his web page as soon as possible. If you wish you can download them and if you like them you can tell me and I'll add your name to the list I'm making. If I'll find a certain number of request I'll be happy to print the now mythical "Ultimate Eagle Blueprints from Italy" on high quality paper and sell them to you as soon as possible. Buona giornata a tutti ! (That's Italian for "Have a good day", W.Chris ask me to translate) Roberto
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 1996 12:26:09 -0800 From: Van A Plexico ( Subject: Re: I'm really sooorryyy!!!! On Tue, 20 Feb 1996, Roberto Baldassari wrote: > > I just received a telling-off from Mr. "". You too, huh?? Who died and made, forget it. ;) --Van
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 1996 12:44:57 -0800 From: (Ande Tucker) Subject: Re: the blueprints >Hmm, I guess the title says it all. Ande, could you please contact >Roberto and talk to him, Mac-user-to-Mac-user? ;-) It would probably >be best if you *can* get the JPEGs from him and put them on your web >site, so people who have trouble with large e-mails don't have to be >inconvenienced. > >Raja Thiagarajan The .JPGs are up, I've just got to make a link to them. Hopefully I should have it done by the end of the day, work permitting. The URL is BTW, the JPGs are great! While I do have a minute to dash this off, if anybody wants to submit feedback about this months FAQ, I'd be happy to hear from you. I want to try and do more for next months. I've only heard from two people this month, so comments, suggestions etc - send 'em my way. If you're waiting for personal email from me, I'm about 10 months behind, but slowly wading through it.... Ande
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 04:26:10 -0800 From: (Roberto Baldassari) Subject: Eagle Blueprints Update dear alphans, Here is a list of people who asked to be included in an order for a printed set of my Eagle Blueprints. - Robert Ashley Ruiz ( San Francisco, California, USA - Bill Greer ( Johnson City, Tennessee, USA - Washington C. Garcia" ( - James Laursen ( Four guys !! Hum, C'mon folks. You know I can't go to my skilful, Italian typographer asking him to print only four skimpy copies of this wonderful piece of art ! If you all are agreed I'll now reduce my offer to the cut-away illustration only. My Eagle blueprints now consists of one (1) 40cm x 70cm (15.7 x 27.5 inches) sheet with a 3D cut-away view of the Eagle including keys and specifications. The illustration is made with Adobe Dimensions and Adobe Illustrator software and the final prints (black and white on high quality coated paper) will be extremely detailed (2540dpi). The price for the poster is now 10 U.S. dollars plus packaging and shipping costs. I need at least 20 requests for it in order to print it, so please let me know. You can find a sample of my Cut-away Eagle blueprint in the Ande Tucker web page: Best regards Roberto Baldassari Roberto(Spooky)Baldassari Mantova - Italy - Europe Earth - Sol System Alpha Quadrant - Milky Way
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 13:24:33 -0800 From: Subject: Roberto's Eagle Drawings Wow! I just checked out Roberto's Eagle drawings at: They are WONDERFUL! and definitely superior to the Starlog drawings. Most impressed Roberto! Congratulations on your fine work. With Allen's order bringing the total to 5, I increase my order to three sets of full copies, bringing the total orders to this point to 7 (only 13 more to go). If anybody hasn't checked out the drawings yet, they are EXCELLENT and well worth your time. (Also loved the inclusion of the moonbuggy, Roberto.) And Roberto, maybe people's budgets are just tight right now. Have you also considered offering the drawings to the Gerry Anderson lists (and possibly even Star Trek lists)? I would love to see this get up to a full 20 orders so that I can add a copy of the full set to my collection. Eagerly anticipating taking possession. Robert
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 14:37:27 -0800 From: (Jeanette Quimby) Subject: Roberto's Blueprints Just another pat on the back for Roberto! I wasn't really that up on blueprints or wanting to build my own model, but I must say his prints are definitely out of this world! I'm a fanfiction devotee, but add my name to the list of buyers for blueprints (I can add it to my other S1999 related stuff). Folks, after the frustration of the e-mail attachments, you really need to view these to appreciate his efforts and his kindness in wanting to share them with us. They are amazing. Hey Roberto, are you sure you didn't work for ITC/Anderson back in the 70's! {BG}. Jeanette Quimby Houston TX
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 17:43:08 -0800 From: Subject: Re: Eagle Blueprints Update In a message dated 96-02-26 07:26:14 EST, (Roberto Baldassari) writes: >If you all are agreed I'll now reduce my offer to the cut-away illustration >only. You can put me down for the original offer. Mike Combs Midland, TX
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 18:03:52 -0800 From: Subject: Roberto's Blueprints Cool! With Jeanette Quimbyís, Mike Combsí, and Allen Michael Retodoís orders we are now up to nine (of 20) orders for Robertoís Eagle drawings (full sets). Thank you Jeanette, Mike, and Allen, and also Bill Greer, Washington C. Garcia, and James Laursen. To the United States fans, if the added cost of getting your US dollars transferred to Italian currency is an issue for anyone, perhaps Roberto could send all drawings to one of us in one order and then that person could redistribute, dropping this (at least at my bank) $10 charge to next to nothing rather than (potentially) a $10 charge for each of us on top of the cost of these wonderful drawings. Anyone interested in such an idea, please contact me. Robert
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 1996 21:26:05 -0800 From: (Roberto Baldassari) Subject: EAGLE BLUEPRINTS Dear Friends, The number of 20 requests required for printing and the price of $10 U.S. dollars (or equivalent) in my previous message was intended for the single poster of the cut-away Eagle alone. It seems clear to me at this point that most of you would prefer to receive the full four-sheet set as opposed to the single sheet set (the Eagle cutaway). There is a point I need to make clear, however. The costs involved in printing four different sheets are far greater than those for printing one sheet alone. Consequently, I will need at least 30 requests for the full set to be printed, and the price for the full set will need to be $20 U.S. dollars (or equivalent). My full Eagle Blueprints set (four 15.7 x 27.5 inches sheets) includes: Sheet 1: External views of the Eagle (profile, top, front and rear) Sheets 2-3: Internal views of the Eagle (cutaway profiles both port and starboard, cutaway plan, cutaway elevation views both aft POV and prow POV of command module, access corridor, recon pod and aft section) Sheet 4: Comprehensive cutaway 3D rendition of the Eagle (the one in the two JPEG files at Ande's web page). Text and technical specifications appear throughout all four sheets. To avoid misunderstandings, please specify in your request that you want to order the full set (4 sheets) for $20 U.S. (or equivalent); and for those of you who already did a request please check for my updates (the next of which will be sent to the list on Monday, March 4, 1996). Thank you all for your interest in my drawings and for placing your orders.
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 1996 01:52:00 -0800 From: Subject: Re: Eagle Blueprints Update Hi Roberto: After reading your update I noticed that you have me down for one set of your drawings when I actually wish to purchase three sets. If I count correctly, this brings the total up to 25 orders. If necessary (and everyone is willing) can you have 25 sets printed for $24 each rather than 30 sets at $20 each? Either way, these two totals combined equal $600.
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 1996 10:39:02 -0800 From: Subject: Re: Blueprints I put one order in today but forgot to send it to the list as well as Roberto. So, we now have at least 30, right? - Jim - ______________________________ Reply Separator _________________________________ Subject: Blueprints Author: "Stephen M. Arenburg" at INTERNET Date: 3/4/96 12:59 PM With my order for a set we only need 1 more set!
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 1996 01:53:57 -0800 From: (Roberto Baldassari) Subject: Eagle Blueprints: The Final Update My Fellow Alphans: Thank you all for your overwhelming response to my drawings and for placing your orders! I am happy to report that the minimum number of orders required to make this undertaking viable has been reached and exceeded (though additional orders may still be placed until further notice). Because your response has been so good, I have been able to reduce the price of the full set of drawings to 25,000 Italian lire (or the approximate equivalent of 16 US dollars/10.5 English pounds). My plan now is to check all my blueprints files this weekend to ensure the best copies possible. Next week I will make an e-mail announcement to the list letting everyone know that the drawings are being sent to my skillful Italian printer. Please consider your previous posts regarding your orders as statements of your intention to purchase. And now, if you please, kindly e-mail me once again that you would like to order and include all of your mailing information in this e-mail. Your payment (25,000 lire in Italian funds) has to be made with an International Postal Money Order only. What follows is a breakdown of expenses you must consider when making payment: - Each Set of Eagle Drawings: L.25,000 (twenty-five thousand lire) (about $16.00 US/10.5 UK pounds) - Shipping costs: for one set L.10,000 (ten thousand lire) (about $6.50 US/4.2 UK pounds) for each additional set L. 5,000 (five thousand lire) (about $3.25 US/2.1 UK pounds) All orders (in Italian funds) must be payable to: ROBERTO BALDASSARI Piazza C. D'Arco, 6/C 46100 - MANTOVA - Italy All orders will be shipped as soon as possible after payment is received. For those of you who may still wish to place orders, please contact me at After I receive your payment I will ship your order, and I will let each of you know individually via e-mail that your order has been shipped. Please be patient. My experience in ordering from abroad is one of long wait times. Thank you all. I can't believe that a project I worked on from when I was a kid has joined people from all over the world. I love the Internet!
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 1996 13:15:04 -0800 From: Subject: International Money Orders Available at Your Local U.S. Post Office To All the Native Soil Americans on the List: I called the post office and they said the price for an International Money Order converting U.S. funds to Italian is $7.50. Again, some of you may want to consider combining your orders to divide this fee, then whoever receives the packages can redistribute once in the U.S. Robert
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 1996 14:46:18 -0800 From: (Jeanette Quimby) Subject: Blueprints and Intl Money Orders Okay folks, If it's $10 or less for the Intl Money Order (which isn't much), consider on your part what you are receiving. As noted, some folks have had problems obtaining blue prints to begin with (some haven't). You know the quality of the artwork is outstanding. Now if the cost of the money ordered doubled the original price of the order, I could see some balking at the charge and would go with a group money order. But $10 or less in addition to the already reasonable cost? No, I'm not rich myself (I currently work one full time job in addition to two other jobs at home), but this does not seem unreasonable. I would do what Roberto is doing if someone from overseas was purchasing something from me. I would request that they pay me in "American dollars" - wouldn't you (or whatever currency may be common for your country)? Also, if you think about it - if you do a group money order - then you will need to add a few more dollars for the sole who is collecting the money to pay the postage to ship you your blueprints. If I am correct people who sell fanfiction, request payment in American dollars (please correct me if I am wrong for those who have ordered from Terry or George). So folks, we're not talking a mint here. If you really want the blueprints - just stop drinking a few cups of coffee for a couple of weeks or a few Dr. Peppers and you'll have saved the money to pay for the order (Just don't come around me when you go into caffeine withdrawal, as I will be having the shakes myself from no DP ). Jeanette Quimby Houston, Texas P.S. No, I'm not getting a cut for posting this supportive message. I'm only trying to make sure that there are still enough orders, so I can order my copies {g}.
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 1996 15:26:17 -0800 From: Subject: Getting Rid of that $7.50 IMO Charge. To All the Native Soil Americans on the List: I've been through so many payment possibilities with Roberto that I'm starting to lose track and I'm a little braindead at this point. In my previous message I suggested that you may want to group up and order together and then someone can redistribute packages once in the U.S. It occurs to me that the redistribution process isn't necessary since Roberto is sending them out on a charge per copy basis anyway, but you may still want to group up and send money to designated order people. These people would take your checks, convert the group's total on one IMO (incurring one [rather than several] $7.50 charge[s]), and then this person would forward the International Money Order to Roberto and just state that it covers payment for the various individuals involved. Depending on how trusting you are (he says, while considering just how far he can go on $600), I would be willing to collect the checks, wait for them to clear the bank, convert them to lire on one IMO, and then send them on to Roberto with a list of who they cover. To make this as easy as possible, I personally will pay the $7.50 charge and the postage to Roberto so that all you have to pay for are the plans and the shipping costs, and a postage stamp to send your checks to me. Easier, no? Some of you have expressed interest in this idea in the last couple of days. If you expressed interest, then yes I'm willing to do it, as long as you are in the U.S. If others of you in the U.S. are interested as well, please get back to me immediately and I'll provide mailing info on where you should send your checks. As for other matters, I called the post office again and they confirmed the price for an International Money Order converting U.S. funds to Italian is $7.50 regardless of where you live in the U.S. so if your post office gives you a problem, give them a problem back. If a local branch doesn't know, ask the number of a main branch. Hope this offer helps to simplify what has proven to be a very complicated endeavor. Robert
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 1996 09:53:23 -0800 From: Subject: Operation Plans-To-Us My Fellow American Alphans: I called my bank today regarding the conversion rate for Italian lire. The rate today is .0006647 dollars to one lire. The conversion works thusly: .0006647 x 35,000 = $23.26 .0006647 x 65,000 = $43.21 .0006647 x 95,000 = $63.15 Hence, if you order one set, your TOTAL cost (shipping and handling) is $23.26. For two orders your TOTAL cost is $43.21. For three orders your TOTAL cost is $63.15. Again, if you want to forward your money to me to avoid an IMO charge, let me know as soon as possible, and I'll take care of the IMO and getting it to Roberto. Thanks, Robert
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 1996 17:26:02 -0800 From: Subject: International Money Orders Hi All: Learned some interesting info at the Post Office today that I thought I would share. IMOs from the U.S. Postal Service get sent from your local branch office to an office in St. Louis to be processed. They can take about two weeks to clear this process before they get routed on to their final destinaion. Cost is $7.50. IMOs from my bank, Bank of America, (and perhaps yours) can be ordered over the phone, will be automatically debited from your account, and the check will show up in your mail a few days later. Cost is $10. Perhaps more importantly, the bank will help you with the conversion amount; the U.S. Postal Service will not. I'm sure you've all figured out which route I'm going with the group IMO for Roberto's plans. Just wanted to share the information in case you end up ordering overseas in the future. And congratulations to Ggreg Perry! Ggreg's is the first actual check I've received toward Operation Plans-to-Us. Robert
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 1996 11:17:48 -0800 From: Subject: Final Boarding Call to Catch Your Eagle Hi All: Since checks are starting to arrive, I think it only fair that I not hold up those who sent early by continuing to make Operation Plans-To-Us available. For this reason, I will only continue to accept requests to join us in this group endeavor for the next two days. On Thursday, 3/14/96 at midnight, the Eagle door (and this opportunity) closes. One week later, on Friday 3/22/96 (or earlier, depending on if all the checks come in) the Eagle touches down at Bank of America (also known as Bank of Arrogance, Bank of Apartheid, etc.) and the checks are deposited. If anyone's check is not in my hands by Friday, 3/22/96, I will notify them by e-mail that I didn't receive the check by the deadline and that they need to make other arrangements. If checks do show up after Friday, they will be torn in half and returned to their owners. Call me crazy, but I trust all of you and I'm cashing the checks and purchasing the IMO on Friday 3/22/96 (i.e., not waiting for the checks to clear). By Wednesday of the following week, I expect to have the IMO in my mailbox and I will send it off to Roberto in Italy that day. The list below is all confirmed interested parties as of this morning. Again, if I've forgotten anyone, please let me know. Robert _________________________________ (Robert Ashley Ruiz) (Washington C. Garcia) (Allen Michael Retodo) (Ggreg Perry) (Jeanette Quimby) (Mike Prendergast) (Michael A. Perry) (Raja Thiagarajan) (Everts Scott) (Michael Decker) (Pat Embury) (Brian Aase) (Tom Konich) (Ray Connole) (Jenny Lobb) (James Laursen) (Michael Kent) (David Welle) (Bruce C. Dillahunty)
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 1996 02:39:36 -0800 From: (Roberto Baldassari) Subject: BLUEPRINTS UPDATE Dear Fellow Al-FANS: I am happy to report that the files containing my drawings are now in the capacious hands of my skillful Italian printer. After I receive your payment I will ship your order, and I will let each of you know individually via e-mail that your order has been shipped. Please be patient. My experience in ordering from abroad is one of long wait times but also one of nice surprises too. For those of you who may still wish to place orders, please contact me at You can find a sample of one of my drawing in the Ande Tucker's web page at: This is the list of people who had ordered my drawing directly to me via International Postal Money Order: Allen R. Barnella n. of copies: 1 L. 35,000 ($23.26) Bill Greer n. of copies: 1 L. 35,000 ($23.26) Carine Wils n. of copies: 1 L. 35,000 ($23.26) Chanathip Trivuth n. of copies: 3 L. 95,000 ($63.15) Chuck A. Eilerman n. of copies: 2 L. 65,000 ($43.21) Dennis Campbell GT3083@Siucvmb.Siu.Edu n. of copies: 1 L. 35,000 ($23.26) Horst Noll n. of copies: 1 L. 35,000 ($23.26) John Fleming n. of copies: 1 L. 35,000 ($23.26) Kenneth Weatherwax n. of copies: 1 L. 35,000 ($23.26) Phillip C. Merkel n. of copies: 1 L. 35,000 ($23.26) Phillip S. Wright n. of copies: 2 L. 65,000 ($43.21) Rick Harris n. of copies: 1 L. 35,000 ($23.26) Roberto Coli n. of copies: 1 L. 35,000 ($23.26) Stephen M. Arenburg n. of copies: 1 L. 35,000 ($23.26) This one is the list of people who had ordered my drawing through Robert Ruiz in one single International Postal Money Order: Allen Michael Retodo ndver@WELL.COM n. of copies: 1 L. 35,000 ($23.26) Brian Aase n. of copies: 1 L. 35,000 ($23.26) Bruce C. Dillahunty n. of copies: 1 L. 35,000 ($23.26) David Welle Ggreg Perry n. of copies: 2 L. 65,000 ($43.21) James Laursen n. of copies: 1 L. 35,000 ($23.26) Jeanette Quimby n. of copies: 1 L. 35,000 ($23.26) Jenny Lobb lobb n. of copies: 1 L. 35,000 ($23.26) Michael Decker n. of copies: 2 L. 65,000 ($43.21) Michael Perry n. of copies: 1 L. 35,000 ($23.26) Michael S. Kent n. of copies: 1 L. 35,000 ($23.26) Mike Prendergast n. of copies: 1 L. 35,000 ($23.26) Pat Embury n. of copies: 1 L. 35,000 ($23.26) Raja Thiagarajan n. of copies: 2 L. 65,000 ($43.21) Raymond J. Connole Robert Ruiz n. of copies: 1 L. 35,000 ($23.26) Scott Everts n. of copies: 1 L. 35,000 ($23.26) Thomas G. Konich Jr n. of copies: 1 L. 35,000 ($23.26) Washington C. Garcia n. of copies: 1 L. 35,000 ($23.26) This last one is the list of people who doesn't confirmed nor canceled their orders. If you like, you can still place your orders. Please contact me at Beth Schoonmaker Franklin H. Holcomb Mark Miller Mike Combs Sean Campbell Stephen Pritchard Thank you all for your interest in my drawings and for placing your orders.
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 1996 05:32:21 -0800 From: This is it. You have until tonight (Thursday) at midnight to join us on the group (free to you) IMO for Roberto's blueprints. Once again, if I've forgotten anyone below, please let me know. Those of you who are listed below but for whom I haven't received a check are still okay as long as I receive your check by Friday, March 22, 1996 (the day I send the IMO to Roberto). If your check arrives after 3/22/96 it will be returned to you and you will be notified immediately via e-mail so that you can make other arrangements. If all the checks come in before 3/22/96, they will go out that much sooner. FYI, total we saved in individual IMOs comes to $142.50 (postal money order) or $190 (bank money order) (calculated at 19 people saving $7.50 [postal] or $10.00 [bank] each). Thanks, Robert
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 1996 16:47:44 -0800 From: Subject: Operation Plans-To-Us Hi All: This is everyone who got their requests to join us on the group IMO in by midnight last night. Checks already received as of today's mail are noted below. Thank you all for the nice notes you have included; and for those of you who rounded your orders up to an even $25 (Jeanette, Quimby, Michael Prendergast, and Michael Kent), thank you. The extra will go to Roberto to help with any currency fluctuations. What a nice group of people you all are! Robert ________________________________________________ (Robert Ashley Ruiz) - CHECK RECEIVED (Washington C. Garcia) (Allen Michael Retodo) (Ggreg Perry) - CHECK RECEIVED (Jeanette Quimby) - CHECK RECEIVED (Mike Prendergast) - CHECK RECEIVED (Michael A. Perry) (Raja Thiagarajan) (Scott Everts) - CHECK RECEIVED (Michael Decker) (Patricia Embury) - CHECK RECEIVED (Brian Aase) - CHECK RECEIVED (Tom Konich) (Ray Connole) (Jenny Lobb) - CHECK RECEIVED (Michael Kent) - CHECK RECEIVED (David Welle) (Bruce C. Dillahunty) (Rick Harris) (Beth Schoonmaker) GT3083@SIUCVMB.SIU.EDU (Dennis Campbell) (Alexandro Ojeda)
Date: Sat, 16 Mar 1996 03:45:01 -0800 From: (Roberto Baldassari) Subject: The Making of My Blueprints Hi to all, Fellow Alphans Chanathip Trivuth and Allen Barnella ask me to share with all of you in the mailing list how I went about creating the Eagle drawings. I'll try to tell you about the making of my drawings with my bad English. Hope you'll understand something. I began thinking of accurate Eagle blueprints back in the '70s when I was 15 year old. I started my research using frames enlargement prints from some Italian S1999 photo-books. But I needed more information. In the '80s I ordered a copy of the "Alpha Moonbase Technical Notebook" hoping to get some more, finding that there wasn't any Eagle drawing in it !!! I started a drawing similar to the one in the JPG files you've seen, using traditional techniques on paper. But it was a frustrating work because of the lack of details. I wanted to do my drawing as faithful as possible to the original models and interior sets. Then in 1984 I came across the Eagle blueprints by Philip Rae from a Gerry Anderson magazine called S I G and I fund what I needed: some very good plans made using the actual, original 44" model for reference ! What I needed at that moment was some interior details not shown in the photographs I had. At the end of the '80s Italian TV did a re-run of the first season of the show and I recorded all 24 episodes on VHS, adding a lot of information for my project. Not much time later I came across a shareware computer program on S1999, a sort of very rough multimedia version of the Starlog Technical Notebook with an extra section dedicated to the Eagles, with an interesting cutaway plan (I guess it was taken from the Starlog #7 Eagle Blueprints). In that time I also started using a computer in my work as a graphic designer finding the perfect tool for my so called "Ultimate Eagle blueprints". First of all I've made the external and internal views of the Eagle (top, profiles, front, rear and cross sections) in 'Adobe Illustrator' using all the reference material I collected during the years. Illustrator is a vector-based graphics Program that enables to produce high quality drawing that are resolution independent in files that are very small in terms of HD space required. Then I imported the profile and top views in 'Adobe Dimensions' and I've build a simple 3D model (very simple indeed). 'Dimensions' is a nice software, very user friendly. It allows you to make 3D object out of elements created with 'Illustrator'. I choose the right point of view and the right focal length (not too short to avoid distortions). I never thought to build the whole Eagle as a 3D model. I simply used that rough model as a reference from which I've arranged the various parts from the 2D illustrator files, in the 3D space, sometimes extruding or turning them, other times simply put them on the 3D surfaces as details (control panels, moonbase logo, ect.). When I was satisfied with the basic 3D portion of the spacecraft I exported it back to the Illustrator format. Actually most of the work was made in Illustrator. As long as I got the right perspective I simply refined that part right there in Illustrator. Actually the Eagle is quite simple to draw. The only difficult part was the cockpit, because it is a pretty complex shape. For that I've made a series of sections using the various 2D views. Then I put those sections in the 3D space and I've used the resulting basic outline as a reference from which build the actual cockpit in Illustrator. Talking about the problems I found, there were a few. Some of the interiors didn't match with the exteriors. I guess (SFX supervisor) Brian Johnson and (production designer) Keith Wilson didn't talk each other so often. For example: the service pod in the model is longer than the interior set. I had to include things or extend others in prder to fill the extra space. But the bigger problem was the cockpit. If you look at the show there are some model shots where you can see the head of the pilots from the two triangular viewports. Well it is physically impossible because their seats are below the line of the floor and their heads cannot in no way reach the level of the windows (Oh, if you are in a Modigliani painting maybe you can !). I taken a little freedom here and there. I extended one half of the corridor and aft sections on the sides, gaining same extra space for things (toilet, galley, ect.) I also put two moonbuggies into the recon pod in two lateral areas. As you can see it took me several years to finish my old childish project. And I think it's wonderful that now other people all over the world can have these drawings and enjoy them. I don't know if what I'm saying has any meaning to you. I hope so. It is very hard to explain something in a language you don't know very well. If you have any specific question I'll be happy to answer. Best Regards
Date: Sat, 16 Mar 1996 19:22:25 -0800 From: Subject: Operation Plans-To-Us Hi All: These are all the checks I've received as of today's mail. Only seven more needed. Robert __________________________ (Robert Ashley Ruiz) - CHECK RECEIVED (Washington C. Garcia) (Allen Michael Retodo) (Ggreg Perry) - CHECK RECEIVED (Jeanette Quimby) - CHECK RECEIVED (Mike Prendergast) - CHECK RECEIVED (Michael A. Perry) (Raja Thiagarajan) - CHECK RECEIVED (Scott Everts) - CHECK RECEIVED (Michael Decker) (Patricia Embury) - CHECK RECEIVED (Brian Aase) - CHECK RECEIVED (Tom Konich) - CHECK RECEIVED (Ray Connole) - CHECK RECEIVED (Jenny Lobb) - CHECK RECEIVED (Michael Kent) - CHECK RECEIVED (David Welle) - CHECK RECEIVED (Bruce C. Dillahunty) - CHECK RECEIVED (Rick Harris) (Beth Schoonmaker) GT3083@SIUCVMB.SIU.EDU (Dennis Campbell) (Alexandro Ojeda)
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 1996 14:22:52 -0800 From: "Allen R. Barnella" ( Subject: Re: The Making of My Blueprints Roberto Baldassari wrote: > > I'll try to tell you about the making of my drawings with my bad > English. Hope you'll understand something. Roberto: Thank you for the telling us about the making of your Blueprints, it sounds as though it was quite an undertaking, and something that you should be very proud of. Also, don't worry about your English, it is very good. It's actually better than a lot of Americans. 8) Fly Like an Eagle, Allen
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 1996 18:34:54 -0800 From: Subject: Operation Plans-to-Us Hi All: Just wanted everyone to know that I got the last of the checks as of today, and that I'll be ordering the IMO tomorrow morning. I expect it will take until about next Tuesday or Wednesday to get it from the bank (it gets processed in L.A. and mailed to me in San Francisco), at which point I will forward it on to Roberto in Italy by the speediest means available to us. Roberto, tomorrow I'll let you know what the exact Italian lire amount comes out to as soon as I know. Thanks, Robert _________________________________ (Washington C. Garcia) - $23.26 RECEIVED (Allen Michael Retodo) - $23.26 RECEIVED (Ggreg Perry) - $43.21 RECEIVED (Jeanette Quimby) - $25.00 RECEIVED (Mike Prendergast) - $25.00 RECEIVED (Michael A. Perry) - $25.00 RECEIVED (Raja Thiagarajan) - $43.21 RECEIVED (Scott Everts) - $23.26 RECEIVED (Michael Decker) - $43.21 RECEIVED (Patricia Embury) - $23.26 RECEIVED (Brian Aase) - $23.26 RECEIVED (Tom Konich) - $23.26 RECEIVED (Ray Connole) - $23.26 RECEIVED (Jenny Lobb) - $23.26 RECEIVED (Michael Kent) - $25.00 RECEIVED (David Welle) - $23.26 RECEIVED (Bruce C. Dillahunty) - $23.26 RECEIVED (Rick Harris) - $23.26 RECEIVED (Beth Schoonmaker) - $25.00 RECEIVED GT3083@SIUCVMB.SIU.EDU (Dennis Campbell) - $25.00 RECEIVED (Alexandro Ojeda) - $23.26 RECEIVED
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 1996 03:35:29 -0800 From: (Roberto Baldassari) Subject: EAGLE BLUE...PRINTED !!! Hi fellow Alphans, I'm proud to comunicate that the Eagle drawings are now printed on paper, they can be touched now, and they look great !!! On monday 25 I'll send the first two orders to Philip and Horst, the two European fellows from which I've already received the money. Any other remaining order will be shipped after payment is received. Have a nice week-end.
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 1996 12:58:03 -0800 From: Subject: Operation Plans to Us - Final Message Hi All: I got the IMO from the bank and sent it out to Roberto in Italy this morning. It should take about a week to get to him (if letters to England are any indication). I'm looking forward to seeing the full set of drawings, and I just want to thank you all once more for the kind letters you included with your payments. Anxiously awaiting, Robert
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 1996 06:07:10 -0800 From: (Phillip S Wright) Subject: Roberto's Blueprints... Hi all My sets of blueprints from Roberto arrived today, and to say the least they are very impressive. I have mailed Roberto with a personal thank you, but thought I would also like to congratulate him on his fine work publically via the group. cheers Phill
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 1996 07:07:39 -0800 From: (Hans Noll) Subject: Eagle Blueprints Hello Robert ! Today (Sat, 03-30-96) I received your blueprints and I must say, they are great. Thank you, that you made your excellent work available to everybody interested. Horst Noll
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 1996 03:34:40 -0800 From: Chanathip Trivuth ( Subject: Roberto Blueprint Hi Alphan, I received The Ultimate Eagle Blueprints from Roberto today. I'd like to tell all who order his blueprint will not upset with his work. The blueprints are all wonderful, superb detail, good quality and really look great and beautiful. You will be very proud to have his blueprint in your collection. And I would like to thank you all of you that make this project can be done and come true in the real world. Chanathip Trivuth System Engineer - Moonbase Alpha )):##====##:CB> + ~~~~ +
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 1996 05:33:53 -0800 From: (Roberto Baldassari) Subject: Eagle Blueprints & Postal Services God bless the postal services all over the world ! Form Italy to Germany = 4 days >From Italy to England = 4 days >From Italy to Thailand = 10 days !! Too bad that I'm still waiting for Keith Young's Blueprints I ordered in November '95. :( Happy Easter to everyone on Alpha. Roberto Baldassari Mantova - Italy - Europe Earth - Sol System Alpha Quadrant - Milky Way
Date: Sat, 6 Apr 1996 02:33:10 -0800 From: (Roberto Baldassari) Subject: Robert's IMO has Arrived ! I'm happy to communicate that Robert Ruiz's IMO has arrived. Next week I'll send all the 22 orders to the people who've sent their money to Robert. The drawings will be shipped in *the Official Moonbase Alpha Mailing Tubes* ! :) Brian Aase n. of blueprints sets: 1 Pat Embury n. of blueprints sets: 1 Beth Schoonmaker n. of blueprints sets: 1 Jenny Lobb n. of blueprints sets: 1 Scott Everts n. of blueprints sets: 1 Jeanette Quimby n. of blueprints sets: 1 Bruce C. Dillahunty n. of blueprints sets: 1 Washington C. Garcia n. of blueprints sets: 1 Michael Decker n. of blueprints sets: 2 Robert Ruiz n. of blueprints sets: 3 Ggreg Perry n. of blueprints sets: 2 Alexandro Ojeda n. of blueprints sets: 1 Allen Michael Retodo ndver@WELL.COM n. of blueprints sets: 1 Rick Harris n. of blueprints sets: 1 David Welle n. of blueprints sets: 1 Michael S. Kent n. of blueprints sets: 1 Thomas G. Konich Jr n. of blueprints sets: 1 Dennis Campbell GT3083@Siucvmb.Siu.Edu n. of blueprints sets: 1 Michael Perry n. of blueprints sets: 1 Mike Prendergast n. of blueprints sets: 1 Raja Thiagarajan n. of blueprints sets: 2 Raymond J. Connole n. of blueprints sets: 1
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 1996 11:21:44 -0700 From: (Roberto Baldassari) Subject: Operation Plans-to-Us To the Alphans who have ordered my blueprints through Robert Ruiz: Hi Alphans, Your order has been shipped this morning (April, 10). Please, let me know via E-Mail when your order is received. Thank you very much for your interest in my drawings and for placing your orders. Best Regards P.S.: Sorry to bother who isn't interested in this message.
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 17:45:28 -0700 From: Marcy Ann Kulic ( Subject: Roberto's Blueprints on the Web! Roberto kindly sent me scans of his wonderful blueprints which are now up in the 1999 Cyber Library. Not as good as the originals, but the next best thing for us financially strapped souls! Marcy
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 21:30:26 -0700 From: Subject: Marcy and Roberto: Congratulations are in Order Hi All: I just checked out Marcy Kulic's Space: 1999 Cyber Museum and I'm amazed at what a wonderful site this is turning into in a REALLY short period of time. Once again, Marcy, well done! It's going to be my pleasure to be part of the collection. Roberto's Eagle drawings in the museum look FABULOUS! This is the first time I've seen the whole set as my prints haven't arrived yet, and I'm amazed at what I saw here. Check it out at: Roberto has done a wonderful job of fitting the studio Eagle sets into a model in which they wouldn't really fit at all -- or at least not the way we saw it in the series. As Roberto can tell you, there was no way to make the command module set fit into the command module the way we saw it on the screen. In reality it looks like there would have had to be some steps up from the access corridor for the pilots to be able to look out the front viewports, and there would have been a lot less headroom than that which we saw in the studio set. Of course steps on a soundstage set create all kinds of problems for cameras and actors and technicians alike. "Falcon Crest" even went so far as to have an earthquake in one of the episodes so they could have an excuse to remove the steps to the two front doors in the foyer set (and the whole [raised] "outside" veranda set with it). Steps end up costing productions a lot of money in people standing about waiting while equipment is maneuvered around. Steps are also always a potential accident waiting to happen as cables on a set are strung about literally everywhere except for the area you see on screen. Even in Space: 1999 the steps under the windows in Main Mission were removed by episode five ("Earthbound"), almost certainly to better facilitate filming the cast on the Main Mission set. It's amazing that Roberto got it all to work as well as he did here. I also loved the moon buggys and Alphan astronauts and Alpha symbols that he included on the drawings. I invite Roberto to write to the list and detail for us the process by which he created these terrific additions to the collections of so many of us who were lucky enough to take part in Operation Plans to Us. I'd like to hear about the problems he encountered along the way while he created these drawings, as well as any surprises or insights into the design of the Eagle that he may have discovered while working on this project. On behalf of all of us, thank you both, Marcy and Roberto, for your efforts in making this material available to us. Robert
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 17:28:17 -0700 From: Subject: Roberto's Eagle Drawings My Eagle blueprints were waiting for me when I got home from work today, and all I can say is: THEY ARE FABULOUS!!! They are DEFINITELY worth all the work it took to get them to us all. THANK YOU, Roberto, for such a wonderful addition to my collection. Robert
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 1996 07:40:17 -0700 From: (Roberto Baldassari) Subject: Eagle Blueprints Hi fellow Alphans, As far as the orders some of you made will reach their mailboxes I plan to post an 'article' in which I explain all the problems and oddnesses I encountered in the making of the Eagle drawings. Robert Ruiz will be my official foreign language supervisor so you should not have to guess what I'm trying to say ! If you have any question, please post it to me and I'll include the answer in the body of the article. The final text will be available in the Space 1999 Cyber Museum as well. Later...