Date: Sat, 17 Feb 1996 09:42:18 -0800
From: "John R. Prewitt" (
Subject: Re: Screenplay - CrossOver Story

> Hi all!
>     I was reading in the recent TV Guide about how the producer (?) of Star
> Trek: Voyager gets story ideas from all different sources...and I got
> thinking how we could get him a story that brings back our favorite show (at
> least an episode!)
>'s my idea in a nutshell...if there's any interest, we should
> make a strong outline and then either: a) create a complete script or b)
> pass the outline to this guy...
>    Here's the basic premise....
>      Scene 1: View from the wandering moon's Command Center 'big
> screen'...view of Federation's Voyager..."It looks like it could come from
> Earth"..."Well, our parents were fooled by ships that looked Earth
> like"... "This is the Federation's USS
> Voyager...Moonbase that you?"....

First plot complication:  In the ST universe, Earth still has it's moon.
There is no way in hell one could justify earth's moon being in the
Delta Quadrant when as of only a year or two ago (as seen by the crew
of Voyager) the moon was right there in orbit of Earth, right where it
is supposed to be.  If you can find a way around _that_ one...........

>       Opening credits for Voyager
>     Scene 2: Contact is made with the wandering Moon (we are using the
> descendent characters created by Phillipa)...the two leaders meet...both
> female!
>     It is determined that the resources of the ship or moonbase are unable
> to sustain the combined crews but Voyager is willing to help Alpha..Moonbase
> Alpha's Commander reveals a dark secret...they are the last of the
> Alphans...why? Because they are all *sterile*! Having been exposed to years
> of space radiation their reproductive organs are useless...
>    Scene 3: Captain Janeway has a discussion with her crew...the doctor
> relates that he *can* reverse the sterility allowing the Alphans (and thus
> humanity) to flourish in this part of space...this raises an ethical dilemma
> ... is it a violation of the Prime Directive? If not, is it just to allow
> them to reproduce for several more generations...only to have them become
> sterile again? 

It is most certainly _not_ a violation of the Prime Directive.  The Prime
Directive has to deal directly with _ALIEN_ species - Everyone on Alpha
hails from the same planet that over 75% of Voyager does - hence, Janeway
would be inclined (and might even feel obligated) to assist them.

>    Scene 4: dilemma is resolved...or is it???????

To take it a step further....Voyager's whole premise is wanting to
get home....don't you think the Alphans would want to do the same?
Maybe they could collaberate efforts....or at the very least, Alpha
could upload the maps they have made to Voyager's computer, which
would definately help them along.....

> ------
> OK, does *any* of the above make sense? Since the fact that Alpha has flown
> thru space for so long and time on Earth is moving ahead, it wouldn't be
> implausible for them to meet up with more implausible than
> Voyager meeting up with Amelia Earhart!!!

Oh, I agree, save the moon part, it's plausible....not like half the
premise of Voyager and S1999 is all the same, anyways...

> Anybody wanna comment, add to, strengthen this outline??????

I just did. :)

> Anthony
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Date: Sat, 17 Feb 1996 11:23:15 -0800 From: (Philippa Sidle) > Scene 2: Contact is made with the wandering Moon (we are using the > descendent characters created by Phillipa)...the two leaders meet...both female! Errata - just want to point out to the list that I didn't create any 'descendent characters', it was someone else (sorry, we haven't heard from him for a while so I've forgotten his name!). BTW, I hate to pour cold water on ANY fiction, but I don't think suggesting a Space: 1999 crossover to the Voyager production team - if this is meant in earnest - is a workable idea. It's true that Star Trek has always had an 'open script' policy, which means that anyone can submit a speculative script without going through an agent (and it does have to be a complete script, not a concept) - but it has to be original, and it couldn't contain characters from another series! Nothing to say that someone couldn't write a piece of fan fiction along those lines though, of course. -- Philippa Sidle
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 1996 15:53:14 -0800 From: (Jeanette Quimby) Subject: Re:Screenplay Crossover Story Folks, This cross over story does have possibilities - as with any piece of fiction. To rule it out with the "known" truths is to rule out the possibility of a good story. If you have the opportunity to read Earthfall (sorry I won't totally give it away unless you directly ask me) - the ending can be as confusing as the possibility of crossing Star Trek with S1999. Plus if we all said - no way to crossing the idea - we might not have the wonderful story "The Transformation". Not once while reading that, did I question the fact of whether the moon had been in orbit, etc. I was too engrossed with the actual plot than to attempt to nitpick the "well, you can't do that, it just isn't possible". I mean, isn't it as confusing as in STNG with the ship going back in time and Tasha Yar is still alive and the Federation is at war, when in reality (if you can call it that) Tasha has been dead quite a while and there is semi-peace in the area. Anything is possible with fiction. The only thing that limits a story is your own ability to reach the outer limits of your imagination. Maybe, we might not be able to "offer" this as an idea (heck other shows cross characters and I wonder how they do it on non scifi) to a producer, but you might enjoy reading it if someone were to go the next step and embellish on their idea. Start supporting fictional ideas instead of being "too realistic" about it. Let you imagination take you to the outer edges of the universe! Jeanette Quimby Houston, Texas
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 1996 15:48:54 -0800 From: Anthony ( At 11:13 AM 2/19/96 -0800, John R. Prewitt wrote: >> >> Jeanette: >> >> Thanks for the words...actually, some good points that I totally missed >> were brought up here... >> >> I wanted it to be a real outline/script that could be submitted, but it >> looks like this idea has too many flaws for a good crossover story (for >> TV)...if osmeone wants to run with it otherwise...feel free! > >Well, parts of the basic idea are just fine...I mean, having Voyager >run into something that is _like_ Alpha, and with some other planet's >moon, or something, would be both plausible and make for a fairly >entertaining story. > >It just couldn't involve _Alpha_ - ...unless, of course, you do some >of that funky dimension-hopping that Trek likes to do sometimes......... > >> Anthony > -John > > John - That might not be a bad idea...anyone else think that's a good one? would smack into a "re-write" of 'Mission of the Darians'... Hmmmmmm...what to do...what to do....
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 1996 13:03:24 -0800 From: "Stephen M. Arenburg" ( I have had the same problem with some crossover stories involving Space 1999 myself. The other problem is the date (especially since it's 1996 and there's no moonbase!) I've tried the following: 1. Change the date (also done in one of the "movies"). Call 1999 the founding of the space ministry or something. 2. Avoid earth crossovers. A "Battlestar Galactica" crossover works (if you ignore Galactica 80). A moonless Earth simply doesn't come into the picture. 3. Use the "parallel universe" cliche. Effective, if not original. 4. Use another moon. Alpha was on Saturn's moon. Or it was on the asteroid Ceres (large enough to be round). Or the "future Earth" replaces the moon with Ceres (One cratered lump looks like another).