Date: Fri, 9 Feb 1996 10:57:52 -0800
Subject: Thanks for the info & possible story idea

Thanks for the info on Barry Morse, Robert.  I agree, there is something that is 
hard to put into words about 1999 that captures all our imaginations, even to 
this day.  I think one of the reasons for the changes from season 1 to season 2 
was the feeling that the show was too "cerebral" for American audiences.  Maybe 
that's why FF was brought on board to try and jazz it up with more action. 
However, I think the American audience has matured quite a bit and if 1999 was 
being produced today, it would certainly be popular in its "cerebral" form 
versus its season 2 "action" orietation.  I personally liked the thought of 
mixing the two styles and coming up with something that would have action but 
would make the audience sit up and say "wow, that was a great story, I never 
thought of it that way".

Anyway, here's a thought for a story.  I'm not sure if it goes too far into 
science fantasy but I thought I'd just throw it out and see what all you Alphans 
think of it.  How about an ending to the series where the moon itself becomes 
the Alphans permanent home?  I was thinking of something happening to increase 
the gravity of the moon and creating an atmosphere.  Perhaps an encounter with 
"aliens with unimaginable powers" or perhaps a "gaseous cloud of unknown origin 
in space" that causes an atmosphere to form around the moon.  Of course, the 
moon would also have to fall into a stable orbit around a sun similar to our own.
Anyhow, its just an idea for a storyline.  Just thought I'd see what you all

RE:  the "remake" of 1999.  How about Timothy Dalton as Tony or Alan?  No one
comes to mind as a good candidate for Marty or Babs.


Date: Fri, 9 Feb 1996 11:40:48 -0800 From: Mark Eidemiller ( Subject: Possible story idea - reply Kevin: What if the gaseous cloud was an entity in itself (the old Star Trek series had them all over the place...)? The cloud-entity could have also been wandering in space, lonely, looking for a place to call "home" and people to interact with. It could terraform the moon, and could form a symbiotic relationship. It'd pose some very interesting ideas and conflicts. >Of course, the moon would also have to fall into a stable orbit around a >sun similar to our own Who says? If the cloud were a living being, it would stay in place on its own. The moon could become a Flying Dutchman planet, forever wandering in space. And then could still encounter other alien species. It's beginning to sound good. Consider it. Pastor Mark Eidemiller Moonbase Chaplain wrote: Sorry Kevin, I don't buy it. Too many elements would all have to come together at one time. If I were continuing the story -- and not that I'd recommend it since the premise is so truly flawed from the beginning -- I would reintroduce some of that sense of isolation from Season 1 and I'd deal with the real psychology of what's happened to them. Remember, how well adjusted could they be? They're never going home or seeing anyone they care about again, they're constantly concerned about their resources, and even if someone bucked up during the initial disaster, after people get through something like that it hits them. Maybe later but it eventually hits them. And let's not forget, these people would have to be highly trained. All those people who worked on the Meta probe (and others) would eventually have to be reassigned, and many of them into areas of Alpha's maintenance. This would take it's toll on their senses of self and they're sense of fulfillment. Life on Alpha, considering that none of them had a choice in the matter, would not be a picnic for anyone, and THAT is what interests me about it. How they DEAL with it, and fail at it, and succeed at it, and keep on trying, is what I would find interesting. I also don't know that there wouldn't be some doubt about Koenig since he just replaced Gorski before the nuclear disaster plumeted them out into space. Koenig and his crew have no history together, and they're under a great deal of strain without letup. Surely at some point Koenig's leadership would be challenged. It's interesting to think about how each one would deal with living under this sense of powerlessness day-after-day with no sense of relief in sight. One could see Alan in denial and not dealing with it but it still being under the surface all the time. Helena would probably adjust. She has John and her work and is needed constantly. She has a sense of purpose. How would Maya do over the long haul? Wouldn't she eventually start to lose it being around so many people whose capabilities don't match hers? Tony would probably continue with his beer hobby and end up an alcoholic, but you never know, he could be the most resilient of all. He's got Maya, his needs seem simple. Maybe Tony's made his peace with it. And for Koenig the pressure's already showing in Season 2. It would be interesting to see him in later life struggling with all the decisions he's had to make, wondering where he could have done better, reflecting on all those who have died under his command, and possibly even who he's left behind on earth. What would Koenig's life on Alpha be like if ever forced to resign his command? I also wonder what it would be like to have experienced Maya within the mood of Season 1, and what she and Victor would talk about. He would probably be the closest to her mental equal. I think Maya just fit in too soon, with no period of adjustment and no sense of "really" being an alien. She had a sense of humor, she was playful, but she wasn't mysterious. Catherine Schell, to me anyway, was just too likeable (and classy and sexy) underneath that makeup, and I find it interesting to ponder what Maya might have been like if they had let her grow into that impish character after a period of adjustment. I could go on, but have to run for a couple days. Any thoughts?
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 1996 19:15:00 -0800 From: Michael & Shannon Campbell ( Subject: Re: Reply to Kevin's Story Idea I agree. I think that it would also be interesting to interject the idea of contractors being on Alpha as well. As with NASA, a great deal, perhaps a majority of the people at Kennedy Space Center are contract engineers, technicians and workers (Rockwell, McDonnel Douglas, Morton Thiokol, etc..). How would these people have responded to Koenig's benevolent command or an alien science officer? If we assume a multinational contract workforce, how would they react? It is also logical to assume that support services such as food or routine maintenance might have been provided by vendors as well (McDonalds, Marriott, etc...). I can see a lot of potential for stories that don't even involve special effects! When DS9 was launched, the creators talked at length about the desire to create a series plot in which character conflict could come into play. They should have done a remake of 1999. They'd have had enough material from just these two posts to fill an entire season. Imagine 1999 with an ensemble cast of well developed characters (perhaps a combination of both seasons, the quest for survival from year 1, a little action and sense of humor from year 2 and intelligent storytelling like that from ER, Chicago Hope, etc... I'd watch it. Mike
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 1996 13:47:42 -0800 From: Subject: Re: Which Season? Hi, I would also like to see David Kano and Paul Morrow in the story as well. Many fans took the belief that since there was no official death of these characters, why not include them? I agtree. Besides, Victor and Maya would be a great twosome. Kerry
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 1996 16:16:48 -0800 From: Van A Plexico ( Subject: Story ideas and actors First, about the idea of the Moon having an atmosphere and being the Alphan's home: Wasn't that "The Last Sunset"? Next: If this property were ever made into a movie, I would assume they would have to move the year into the future, for obvious reasons. That's why I called it "Space: 2099". (Which is a sad commentary on the state of manned space missions, by the way.) I would hope the storyline would be tweaked, a la what our friend on this list has been doing lately (good work!). In other words, the story should be faster, more intense, and more engrossing. (The thing that has struck me most while watching season 1 episodes lately is how darned SLOW the show moves! I mean, while the "revelation" or "awe" scenes should be lingering and drawn out, that doesn't necessarily mean EVERY scene should match the pace of growing grass! Thank goodness for the Fast forward button. I would love to see characters from both seasons involved in the story. There is no reason why a future production should not just lump together the best of both seasons. If you're worried about consistency, just remember what show we're talking about! :) The theoretical movie should involve either a return to Earth, or an attempt at a real Operation: Exodus, in order to justify a full motion picture. It should also include a real villain, because, IMO, just having the forces of nature or a Mysterious Unknown Force as the problem won't quite cut it in a modern movie. (I know--Apollo 13 is a contradiction to this. Maybe I'm wrong.) My fantasy would be for J. Michael Stryzenski (sp?) to make it his next project. Imagine if he had produced 1999 the way he does Babylon 5. It would have been incredible. (I'm not necessarily saying one show is better than the other--just that he is a much better producer/writer than FF.) Actors: Hmmm... this could be fun. The Commmander: how about a Bond, like Dalton or Brosnan? The Doctor: for some odd reason I want Emma Thompson (right.) Scientist: I just love John Rhies-Davies....?? although he's a good villain, also. Alien (maya): Uma Thurman; some other exotic beauty. Security: man, I'm getting stuck here... Others in Command Center: Ming Wa Yen (from the Single Guy); Oh, lord--is that Paul Hogan flying an Eagle???!! (ha ha) Okay, there's something to chew on. If hardly anyone responds this time, I'm going to write the whole darned script and mail that out!!! ;) Van Asst. Security Chief and head of central casting future screenplay writer?? 107