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Bridges and Anchorages

Released Stories and Plans

Welcome! The following is a developing framework of stories. About half of the stories have been intended since the framework plans were developed by David Welle (DW) in the mid-1990s, but new story ideas continue to pop up, and a new author, Meredith Kausch (MGK) has been contributing stories as well.

This page shows both released stories and planned/started stories. On the latter, lengths and planned release timeframes are subject to change. Some stories have only a working title (marked with (?) next to them).

These stories are listed by order of the "main" timeline of the story series, but note that some stories may include scenes from alternate timelines and earlier or later times; in those cases, the Timeframe references one of the primary timelines of the story. There is some meaning to the order, but each story can still be read on its own, and the author has rarely released the stories in order!

Title AuthTimeframe Length Links Rel.
Damage Assessment DW Y
after "Breakaway" short storyInfostarted
Eagle Aerie Alpha DW after "Earthbound" novella Infoplan: 2015
The IDCP DW March 2000 (mostly) short storyInfoRead2014
Time We Had a New... DW after "Space Brain" novella InfoRead2012
Bridge One DW before "Metamorph" novella InfoRead2012
Mentor of a Doomed World [DW] (character study) short storyInfoRead1997
Bridge Two DW Y
after "Metamorph" long novel InfoRead2009
Whose Orders? DW 0414-0425 D.A.B. novella InfoRead2010
Dance of the Flammon DW 0440-0453 D.A.B. novella InfoRead2010
Music to the Ears (?) DW before "Jour./Where" short storyInfostarted
The Law of IndirectionDW 1040-1044 D.A.B. novel InfoRead1995
(A) Little Hope Lost? DW 1644-16?? D.A.B.? short storyInfostarted
The Eagle DW 1770-1772 D.A.B. short storyInfoRead2007
Lessons on the Fly (?)DW later within Y2 short storyInfoproposed
Bridge Three DW Y
after "The Dorcons" novella Infostarted
The Transfer DW 2510-2534 DAB α novel InfoRead1997##
Bridge Four (part 1) DW 2540-2550 DAB α novel part InfoRead2010
Echoes MGK August 5, 2006 οshort storyInfoRead2010
Bridge Four (part 2) DW 2550-25?? DAB α novel part Infoplan: 2014
On a Clear Day MGK 2518 DAB Ψ short storyInfoplan: 2014
The Epsilon File (?) DW Fall 1999 εshort storyInfostarted
The Frontier (?) DW after Bridge Four novella? Infoproposed
Triskadecahedron DW 13.00 YAB short storyInfo Rel'd 2012
Of Mutation and Metamorphosis      [auth: DW] novella? Infoproposed

## The Transfer is followed by Bridge Four,
which links (or will link) in at least two others,
"Echoes" (released) and "The Epsilon File" --
the former including events concurrent with
The Confluence elements in The Transfer.
Thus, these stories all tie even more closely,
yet can each be read as a separate story. ##

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