Bridge Four

by David Welle

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SPACE: 1999

YELLOW ALERT!!!! This is the first part (of four) of Bridge Four (B4), the sequel to
The Transfer (1997, revised 2010). Only the one part is released so far (2010/07/04),
and it will be months between this part and the next. B4 will have a very staggered release.
It is up to the the reader whether to proceed on each part or to wait for all. S-07/04/10.

Bridge Four is the sequel
to The Transfer (1997,
revised June 2010).

This novel is part of the
Bridges and Anchorages
series of fan fiction stories.

Bridge Four, original story and art, copyright
©2010 by David M. Welle (Space: 1999 Metaforms).
May not be reproduced or published without consent of author.

This not-for-profit amateur publication is designed for entertainment purposes only,
and is not intended to infringe upon the rights of ITC, ATV, Gerry Anderson,
Polygram, ITV, or any other current copyright holders of Space: 1999.

Any and all comments -- positive and/or negative --
on any aspect of this story are very welcome.

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